Orkun  Gül

“Being the General Manager of a leading company in its sector, like Avon, is one of my greatest achievements. My goal is to strive for even more success for our company and Representatives.”

Orkun Gül

Vice President and General Manager, Turkey

Orkun Gül is the General Manager of Avon Turkey. He joined the company in 2010 as a member the Global Sales Academy and has held positions as Regional Sales Manager and National Sales Director in Turkey. In 2019 he was named President of the Direct Selling Association in Turkey. 

Before joining Avon, Orkun held a variety of roles at Procter and Gamble including Market Research Manager, Sales Manager for Pharmacy & Grocery Channels and finally Customer Lead in National Accounts.

Orkun holds a degree with honours in Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul. He is married and a father of three children.