Avon Paper Promise

As a significant consumer of paper products, Avon can influence both supply and demand in the market. In March 2010, we announced the Avon Paper Promise, a comprehensive policy for promoting responsible forest use and protecting forests.

We are committed to optimising our overall use of paper in every area of our business, including distribution methodologies, basis weight reductions, reductions in brochure size, and increasing the use of electronic media as a replacement for paper-based products. We also continue to leverage technology and establish paperless processes wherever possible.

Our goal is to purchase 100 percent of our paper from certified and/or post-consumer recycled content sources by 2020 with a certification preference of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Through the end of 2017, nearly 92% of Avon’s brochure paper met our Paper Promise goal, 35% of brochure paper was FSC certified and 56% PEFC certified.

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