Woman of the Week: Carina Sepulveda,

“In October our Women of the Week will be sharing their stories, as part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Light Project. Today, we hear from Carina Sepulveda, Avon Rep and Breast Cancer Survivor”

Woman of the Week: Carina Sepulveda,

Beauty Entrepreneur, Argentina

I discovered I had breast cancer whilst getting a check-up ahead of cosmetic surgery. I hadn’t felt any pain nor had I observed anything strange. I also went to my medical check-ups annually, so it was a real shock when I received the diagnosis.

I have six children and two grandchildren. Thinking about them and their future gave me the strength to fight the disease with all my might.

What scared me the most was knowing that if I did not overcome the illness, I would miss out on things with my family. Not being around, is what scared me the most.

I am stable now, and attend medical check-ups every six months. It is really important I do so, as unfortunately, the cancer returned in 2014 and 2016. I felt better than expected due to the amazing support I received.

Knowing people are there for you makes the process manageable. As a result, I feel strong and defiant. It has made me appreciate every moment, and I can only hope the same for other people in the same situation.

What surprised me the most was the strength that I had after chemo. Instead of lying in bed, I played with the kids and made the most of every day I had.

I hope that I am proof that it is possible to overcome the illness.

I hope it inspires others to enjoy every day and to stay strong.