Trends | Dec 12, 2019

Beauty, freedom and creativity: why today’s beauty is all about play

Why today’s beauty is all about play

Women today lead busy lives. And in these stressful and uncertain times, happiness and escapism can be hard to come by. That’s why Avon is focused on bringing back beauty’s sense of wonder.

What this beauty business has realised is that beauty-induced happiness is not just linked to the visual results a product can afford, but also to the enjoyment that comes from actually using them.

In an age where individualism has never been so celebrated, the creativity and self-expression that beauty allows is paramount. The emphasis has shifted from being happy with your look to the happiness experienced when creating your look.

In Avon’s new white paper, Beauty, Happiness and the Rise of the 'Perfectly Me', Louise Scott, Chief Scientific Officer at Avon, says of this shift: “It’s a result of wanting to be ‘at peace’ with yourself, your appearance, your life, instead of constantly striving for something you think is going to be ‘more’ or ‘better’.”

We all remember the first time we played with our mother’s make up bag. The wonder of sampling a shimmery powder on the back of your hand, or layering lipsticks to create your own custom shade was magical. That’s what Avon is focused on recreating, because women today need a breath of fresh air and a moment of escapism.

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Today's beauty is all about play: "Beauty should never be a chore. Beauty is fun. Beauty is magical. And beauty is art." @avonworldwide report on the #futureofbeauty

For many, beauty is a form of self-care. A bit of beauty ‘play time’ is an indulgence to enjoy alone. But alternatively, it is something to share with others around you; online tutorials have never been so popular, and sharing product finds and reviews on social media is now a part of life. That applies in particular to products that inspire that magic, wonder and creativity … those are the products that we most want to share.

“We want to allow her that moment to enjoy the colours, marvel at the textures – have fun with it without it being complicated or demanding to apply to wear,” adds Louise. “If you look at the way particularly younger customers engage with beauty today, it’s much more about low-commitment, and products that fall into moments of their life that they can embrace and enjoy in the here and now.”

From shades, to textures to packaging, Avon’s new focus is on confidence and play. Because beauty should never be a chore. Beauty is fun. Beauty is magical. And beauty is art.