Trends | Nov 7, 2019

Happiness is beauty’s new frontier

Happiness is beauty’s new frontier

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we are all searching for happiness – and, according to Gallup*, it’s harder than ever to come by. This makes it a key driver for consumers, in beauty and other industries. In 2019, it seems that happiness has become the new wellbeing.

Happiness in beauty has traditionally been based on promise and transformation. But the beauty industry is undergoing a shift, and Avon discusses this in its new whitepaper, Beauty, Happiness and the Rise of the 'Perfectly Me'.

For Avon, happiness in beauty today is about creating a more open, inclusive definition of what beauty is. Rather than offering a ‘prescribed look’, Avon is giving people the tools to do what they want with them. Happiness in beauty these days is about being more real, too – giving people what they need for what they’re going through at that time in their lives. After all, our emotional state impacts everything we do.

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"Self-acceptance and self-awareness is key to happiness, and it’s informing women’s beauty choices today." A new report on the #futureofbeauty from @avonworldwide

We stand for boosting people’s happiness through beauty, something that we believe is linked with the idea of being ‘perfectly me’. This self-acceptance and self-awareness is key to happiness, and it’s informing women’s beauty choices today.

In our new whitepaper, Louise Scott, Chief Scientific Officer, talks about Avon’s belief that something like skincare can be instrumental in helping a woman “find a happy place with her complexion” where she’s not striving to look 20 years younger but wants to look like a healthier, more vibrant version of herself. In cases like these, her complexion may be impacting her happiness. So we will offer the most modern, on-trend tools to help boost her happiness and wellbeing, without the promise of perfection.

We also want to bring into the beauty arena conversations that you might not normally have there. Louise writes: “It’s not just saying ‘this cream is for menopausal skin’, it’s about understanding how she’s feeling and helping overcome her lack of confidence so that she can feel happy in herself, without looking too far backwards or forwards.”

And, in our view, that’s what happiness in beauty is all about. It’s about being real, being inclusive and having helpful solutions to support her in being ‘perfectly me’. Through beauty, we have the power to transform happiness and lives. That’s what Avon stands for. And that’s what we do.


* 2018 Global State of Emotions Report