Trends | Jan 2, 2020

The pursuit of happiness: how beauty and ‘like-mindedness’ are connecting communities

Beauty is connecting communities

Communicating our feelings with those around us is universally important to help us feel good about ourselves. Even the World Happiness Report 2019 confirmed the profound effect that community interaction can have on happiness.

Lucky for Avon’s Representatives and customers, this community mindset is interwoven into the fabric of the Avon business. Since day one – over 130 years ago – Avon has been bringing together Representatives and customers, creating meaningful emotional connections.

In today’s modern landscape, the ‘like-mindedness’ of this largely female community is what connects them. From real-life conversations to the more digital connections as people share products, tips, advice and artistic beauty expressions on social media, women today are still seeking these emotional connections.

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The importance of community in the world of beauty:"We’re all in pursuit of happiness. And we’re far more likely to achieve it if we’re holding hands. That’s what @avonworldwide is all about, and always has been." #futureofbeauty

The high-quality, one-to-one relationships that made Avon the successful business it is today, are still at the company’s core, even in this digital age. Through what has been termed as ‘relationship marketing’, Avon Representatives are able to provide a bespoke, quality service, helping customers to achieve a positive, creative and inclusive relationship with beauty. In a digital era, these relationships are enhanced through tools that make it easier for beauty entrepreneurs and customers to connect.

Whether communicating, sharing, shopping or reviewing, conversations are no longer limited to daytime hours while women are at home and Representatives are out networking. Now, they can also take place remotely – on the bus, during night feeds, or while watching TV in the evenings. Today women can network and connect with like-minded people, in their own way, on their own terms, whenever they choose. That is giving them more freedom than they’ve ever had before.

This online phenomenon – the ability to share farther and wider than ever before – is also having another effect. Modern technology means that the influence of Avon’s communities on product innovation is growing. In one recent example, as shared in the brand’s latest white paper, Beauty, Happiness and the Rise of the ‘Perfectly Me’ , technology enabled Avon to analyse one million online comments about a mascara, leading to the launch of its latest innovation, True Lash Genius 5-in-one Mascara.

That’s a contribution that Avon’s community could not make in the early days. Technology is helping the business to take like-mindedness and community one step further: the business and its customers are truly ‘in it’ together. A team.

We’re all in pursuit of happiness. And we’re far more likely to achieve it if we’re holding hands. That’s what Avon – the company for women – is all about, and always has been.