Trends | Feb 7, 2019

The rise and rise of the beauty influencer

The rise and rise of the beauty influencer

At Avon, beauty is democratic. The great quality, high-tech innovation is available to everyone through its global network of beauty entrepreneurs, and accessible prices. So, beauty influencers are part of Avon’s DNA. 

Long before the rise of Insta-famous influencers, Avon Representatives were demonstrating how to apply make-up, and sharing beauty hacks on customers’ doorsteps. Today is no different, but now, thanks to smart phones and social networks, Avon’s beauty entrepreneurs can do all this from the comfort of their own home. It means customers can also be great advocates, and influencers for Avon. 

But at Avon, we go deeper. 

Co-creation is a new way of thinking about formulating products and Avon believes it’s a vital way of working, for brands that want to create meaningful products. According to consumer insights company Millennial Marketing, 40% of millennials want to participate in co-creation of products and brands, while 70% feel a responsibility to share their feedback, whether good or bad, with a brand.

Avon is embracing this, as an emotionally-driven end-benefit will always be at the heart of Avon’s innovation. Lisa Gallo, Vice President Product Development at the Avon Innovation Centre says: “Hearing the emotional experiences of our consumer and reflecting them back to her through products and communications with her will be vital for sustaining meaningful relationships with our customers.” 

Avon believes that in the future, it will be essential not just to create products for consumers, but to co-create with them. Because put simply, everyone is a beauty influencer now.  She leaves comments on beauty posts.
She posts about her own products.
She recommends products to her friends online and offline. Avon has always been a collaborative environment, so this is the next step to continue to create genuine, lasting connections.   


This feature is based on a wider report issued by Avon, looking at the future of beauty. You can find more information and access the full report here