Insight | Sep 17, 2020

Think you know what clean means?

What does clean beauty mean?

Speaking at the Future Of Clean Skincare summit run by industry heavyweights Cosmetics Business, Gina Ghura, Avon’s Head of Future Innovation explored what clean beauty really means to today’s conscious consumer. Check out the blog below for an insight into the discussion - how we define ‘clean’ and how we’ve employed conscious development to meet this demand for better beauty.

When it comes to being conscious about what you put on your skin, everyone has their own beauty ‘standards’ and in our quest to offer top quality beauty for everyone, we think that’s something worth celebrating.

When it comes to ‘clean’, while the importance of focusing on your own definition of health and wellbeing has never been higher on the agenda, we still want products that deliver results. We want to make positive choices that reflect what we believe in – it makes us feel good to know we’re making conscious, considered decisions.  But that doesn’t mean we should or want to compromise on performance. It’s all about looking, feeling and doing good.

That’s why, at Avon, believe clean beauty is all about conscious development.  It’s about focusing on efficacy and only using what you need and nothing that you don’t.  That’s exactly the philosophy we used when we developed our Distillery brand. We’ve carefully considered the intention in every single detail - from the ingredient list to using glass and aluminium caps for packaging - to create the potent skincare and make up formulas that offer premium performance but are also vegan, eco-conscious and beautiful.

The collection has already started winning awards all over the world and proudly wears its trademark logo from the Vegan Society. It’s beauty without compromise. You get premium performance and beautiful textures but absolutely no fillers - if it doesn’t make a positive difference to the formula, we don’t put it in. That’s why there’s no alcohol, mineral oils or fragrance and many of the products are 100% waterless.

Coming soon to the Distillery collection is CBD Batch 420 Facial Elixir. Following the brand’s ethos for harnessing highly concentrated top quality ingredients, it’ll contain Distillery’s maximum dose of CBD, moisturising sugar-cane-derived squalane and absolutely nothing unnecessary. It promises to deeply hydrate and promote radiance for visibility healthier skin. We’ve been researching the powerhouse cannabis sativa plant for a long time and we’re excited to be not only extending the Distillery line but also bringing top quality CBD and it’s renowned anti-inflammatory benefits to the mass market.

Combining high performance, beautiful textures and environmentally-conscious packaging, Distillery really is the future of high-achieving beauty. What could be better than knowing that the beauty products we choose to buy, and put on our face, give great results without us having to compromise our values? Together, by embracing the idea of conscious development, beauty brands the world over can help make the future, even if it’s just tomorrow, a little more positive.