The Future of Beauty

An Avon special report

In June 2018 Lisa Gallo, our Vice President Global Product and Process Development, shared Avon’s vision for the future of beauty at the leading international INNOCOS beauty summit in Florence, Italy.
Including a probing new look at the factors shaping the beauty world with a thought-provoking perspectives on the ever-expanding digital world and increasing reliance on new technologies, as well as insight into the increasing importance of the power of human emotions, and how this will impact the world of beauty.
Discussing how consumers’ desires will develop in the future and how these insights will impact thinking in research and development for the beauty industry, the report addresses our evolution towards a new vision of the company that encompasses a new, modern understanding of our millions of Representatives and loyal customers across 70 countries. 

The rise and rise of the beauty influencer

With the rise of influencers, co-creation in the development of products and brands is becoming essential. Discover how their insight and emotion is driving our approach to innovation.

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Getting under the skin of loneliness

Can cosmetics build communities? Loneliness is currently one of the biggest challenges facing millennials. Find out more about Avon's perspective on the role that companies, and particulalry beauty companies, have to play in addressing this loneliness epidemic


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The importance of the personal touch

"Today’s world of beauty is driven by social – both physical and digital.” Get some insight on the importance of personal advice when it comes to running a beauty business in the digital age.


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The future of beauty

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