Menopause TLI. Too Little Information...

The global conversation deficit report

Menopause. We know the word. We know the basic biology – our periods stop! And we know about hot flushes! But do we know enough? No, we don’t.

We have spent years in laboratories researching the impact of hormones on our skin. And when looking specifically at the impact of menopause and perimenopause we realised that it was a massively under discussed topic. In a world of TMI – too much information –Menopause is still TLI. 

To address this we created the Menopuase TLI Report. Let's start to speak up about menopause and perimenopause to help women through this time of great change.

Global Insight

We spoke to hundreds of women across the globe to gain quantitative understanding of the realities, as well as a wider community of women, who shared their personal experiences and stories. 

Expert Insight

To help gain perspective on the data we shared our findings with GP and women’s health specialist Dr Sarah Jarvis, who has given us invaluable advice and responses to some of the issues raised.

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LET’S START TO SPEAK UP ABOUT MENOPAUSE AND PERIMENOPAUSE and help women through this time of great change.