Our Innovation Centre is home to a network of laboratories that formulate and test our award-winning beauty products.

The biggest of these labs masterminds our make-up, skincare and fragrance collections, where we ensure that all products are at the forefront of the latest trends and customer insight, gathered in our very own Insights Lab.

The Colour Lab

The largest of our labs with 23 people working to develop around 250 new make-up products every year.


Colour Lab facts: did you know?
It can take between six months and six years to bring a new product to market, from conception to creation.

Our lab team test every product personally so that they can put themselves in our customers' shoes.

Before working in the colour lab associates take a colour test; matching shades is crucial to developing make-up.

The Face and Body Lab

It's smaller than the Colour Lab, but they produce equally outstanding results. This team invent more than sixty new products every year.

Caring for customers’ skin from head to toe is their priority. From award-winning products in our ANEW range, to superior facial skincare from Avon True, through to Avon Care and Senses bath and body products, and right down to the toes with Footworks - this team develop them all. 

Face and Body Lab facts: did you know?

This well-equipped lab has a mini version of the mixing equipment used to make the final product.

They evaluate thousands of ingredients and see how creams behave when mixed - vital to producing our pioneering skincare products.

They also ensure our sun care products live up to exacting standards to keep your skin safe in the sun.

The Fragrance Lab

The best smelling room in the building! This team design, perfect and produce an average of 250 fine fragrance products, fifty home fragrance products, and 300 fragrance sampling tools a year.

Fragrance Lab facts: did you know?

They use state-of-the-art equipment to test product performance under a range of extreme conditions, to ensure our fragrances retain their exceptional performance during use.

Fragrance is used in shower gels and bubble baths, so the team assess how fragrances smell when they foam using ‘the tub room’ – two baths located in the lab.

The trained ‘noses’ in the team can easily perceive small differences in scent and correctly pin them to specific ingredients.

The Insights Lab

This lab is brimming with inspiration. It focuses on all beauty categories, including make-up, skincare, body care, hair care and fragrance and helps us create and deliver new, innovative solutions to solve the most complex customer challenges using insights to enhance and refine products. The Product & Consumer Research Centre (PCRC) is an integral part of the lab - the team uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches to uncover consumer insights, tensions and unmet needs. These insights influence new colours, scents and textures, as well as the cutting-edge technology that underpins our products.

Insight Lab facts: did you know?

The lab has magazines, trend service information, textiles, and products from an array of different brands to spark unique ideas for new beauty innovations.

The team look at economic and societal trends to identify how customers feel about beauty products and how they expect them to perform, look and feel.

Over the last year, the PCRC team conducted more than 100 consumer tests to help develop innovative new products.

For the latest trends and beauty insights from the lab, check-out our innovation blog.

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