Big & Phenomenal Mascara

Another mark. breakthrough

We want everyone to make their own lasting impression on the world, and to do it entirely on their own terms. We won’t tell you how to make your mark, but we will give you the tools and inspiration to do exactly that.

With our ever-evolving mark. range of on-trend products and high-performance make-up, you are always on trend, always different, always you. Introducing mark.’s latest addition to ‘Big &’ mascara range, Big & Phenomenal – a mascara that provides unstoppable volume with phenomenal impact from root to tip.


Big & Phenomenal is part of the mark. portfolio. The brand is inspired by artistry, focusing on self-expression and individuality.

mark. offers a range of high-quality, innovative products that give women the power to be creative, with more than 50 shades of nail colour, more than 30 lipstick shades and foundation shades to match every woman’s needs.

Each product is designed to help women create high-impact looks that last. 

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Check out your local Avon website for information about how you can get your hands on this product from a local beauty adviser 

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