ANEW Skin Reset Plumping Shots

Your skin, reborn

Avon’s new skincare discovery, Protinol™, is clinically proven to restore BOTH types of collagen found in healthy skin, helping to mimic the perfect collagen equilibrium found in baby skin - a never seen before result.

Protinol™ is available in Avon’s new ANEW Skin Reset Plumping Shots. Used over seven days, these seven potent single-use shots have the maximum concentration of the patented Protinol™ technology, restoring seven years of collagen loss in just seven days, for plumper, firmer, looking skin, revealing your best skin in years. Your skin, reborn.

Meet ANEW Skin Reset Plumping Shots

Help to restore 7 years of collagen in just 7 days
Day 1

Skin instantly feels fresher, smoother and hydrated.

Day 3

In just 3 days skin looks plumper, rejuvenated and healthier.

Day 7

After 1 week, skin looks and feels significantly firmer, intensely plumper and fine lines appear smoothed out.

How it works

Our Anew ProtinolTM Skin Reset Plumping Shots work by increasing the ratio of Baby Collagen (Collagen III) to Adult Collagen (Collagen I). This anti-ageing skincare hero helps to restore your skin to more youthful levels for a strengthened skin matrix.

The result? Stronger, visibly healthier-looking skin with that gorgeous baby-bounce.

Check out your local Avon website for information about how you can get your hands on this product from a local beauty adviser 

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