Avon Media Centre http://www.avonworldwide.com/ Avon Media Centre The make-up that treats you well /global/news/make-up-care Perfect and protect with our new multi-benefit range If you’re looking for an innovative collection that will transform beauty routines, redefine beauty and go beyond traditional make-up, you’ve found it. Make-up + Care is designed with active ingredients that care for your skin and continue to do so once make-up is removed! This multi-functional, multi-beneficial make-up collection instantly improves the skin as it helps treat, perfect and protect it. Watch the new ad here. A true revolution in colour and lip care with the all-new Hydramatic Shine Lipstick, available in 15 beautiful shades. Like the iconic Hydramatic Matte Lipstick , Hydramatic Shine is also made with more than 50% skin care protective ingredients, giving lips a combination of hydration, fullness and smoothness, both instantly and over time.* Enriched with glycerin and hyaluronic acid, the lipstick's central core helps smooth lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines, while the outer core delivers intense color, making Hydramatic Shine lipstick as hydrating and nourishing as it is vibrant and bold. More beautiful skin every day with our 3-in-1 Hydrating Foundation now available in 22 shades! With 82% active ingredients including skin-protecting, nourishing and hydrating agents, this moisturising foundation is the key to a flawless, radiant complexion with skin that looks healthier, brighter and smoother. It instantly boosts skin's hydration by 200%** and keeps it hydrated for up to 72 hours, even after removing it.***99% of users reported that their skin appeared healthier and smoother.**** Do you think high quality and breakthrough technology always come with a high price tag? Never at Avon. Plus, more than 20% of every sale helps create better futures for women. * With continuous use. ** Based on a 25-person clinical efficacy study. *** Based on a 25-person clinical efficacy study after 2 weeks of repeated use **** Based on the Consumer Science study with 134 participants Thu, 22 Feb 2024 05:00:00 GMT /global/news/make-up-care Leadership transition in Avon International /global/news/leadership-transition-in-avon-international Kristof Neirynck will be promoted to CEO of Avon as of January 1st 2024    Natura &Co has announced Kristof Neirynck, currently the Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director for Western Europe, as the new CEO of Avon. After a landmark 25 years with the company, Angela Cretu will continue to support and contribute to the Avon business, as an adviser.  Under Angela’s leadership, we have initiated a successful turnaround strategy, streamlining our operating model and radically simplifying our portfolio. Through a major transformation of the commercial model, R&D redesign, and technology modernisation, Avon’s traditional direct selling model is transitioning to social selling, focusing on the future with an omnichannel approach. As CEO, Angela reignited our purpose-driven campaigning, empowering women to embrace their power and improve their lives with accessible world-class beauty and flexible earning and learning opportunities, while supporting causes like raising awareness of breast cancer and gender-based violence.  Kristof, a visionary leader, excels in business turnarounds and driving step-change growth. As Global Chief Marketing Officer for Avon for the past two years, he drove a complete brand relaunch and achieved significant gross margin improvement. In early 2023, Kristof assumed the role of Managing Director for Western Europe. Under his leadership, the region’s profitability improved, the core direct selling channel stabilised, and significant omnichannel access to the brand was established.  Before joining Avon, Kristof served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Global Brands at Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA). In this role, he oversaw a portfolio of 20+ owned brands across Beauty and Consumer Healthcare, representing over $4 billion in sales globally. Prior to WBA, he spent 13 years at P&G, where he held leadership positions in key divisions.  Alessandro Carlucci will also be rejoining the Natura &Co group as adviser to Avon to assist with our continued turnaround and plans for future growth. Carlucci, who served as CEO of Natura from 2005 to 2014, brings a wealth of experience from Chairman roles in organisations like BSR and Arezzo&Co, along with his presidency of the World Federation of Direct Sales Associations from 2012-2014.  “Angela's departure has been a thoroughly planned process, coming only after stabilising the business and identifying the right successor. We are thrilled that she will continue to be by our side, and in the name of the Board, I would like to thank her deeply for her leadership. I’m delighted to welcome Kristof as CEO of Avon, capitalising on his deep understanding of the business, its spirit and values. I am also pleased to welcome Alessandro back to the organisation, bringing with him his expertise of direct sales and cosmetics,” said Fabio Barbosa, Natura &Co CEO.  Angela Cretu said, “I have had the privilege of experiencing an Avon journey that has been nothing short of fascinating, addictive, and fulfilling. I am grateful for the unwavering partnership and shared values of my Avon team, and for the wise guidance and support of my mentors, the Natura &Co founders and Board. Most of all, my life's purpose and values have been shaped by the countless women from the countries where I have worked and lived, who generously shared their life stories with me.”  Kristof Neirynck said, “I am honoured to take on this new role at Avon and continue its evolution to become an omnichannel, relationship selling business, with Representatives at its core. We have an iconic brand: innovative, and affordable products, and a business model that creates opportunities for women to embrace their power, on their own terms.”   Thu, 30 Nov 2023 05:00:00 GMT /global/news/leadership-transition-in-avon-international Behind the scenes with the noses behind Avon’s latest fragrance: Far Away Beyond The Moon /global/news/far-away-beyon-the-moon-paris To celebrate the launch of Far Away Beyond The Moon, we flew some journalist and influencer friends of Avon over to Paris for an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the creation of our latest fragrance. Just a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe, you’ll find the impressive Givaudan Perfumery School: the birthplace of some of world’s best known fragrances. We were hosted by the brilliant Eugenie Briot, Perfume Historian and Program Manager of the Perfumery School. We explored the developments in iconic female fragrances through time that have led us to today, and the exciting launch of Far Away Beyond The Moon. From there, we put our perfume knowledge to the test in a perfumery insight session with Calice Becker, Perfumery School Director. Calice taught us some of the techniques used to train world-class perfumers and gave our noses a workout in an exercise smelling raw ingredients. Givaudan is famous for its abundant and beautiful gardens and there we discovered Scent Trek technology, which was used in the creation of Avon’s latest scent, Far Away Beyond The Moon. Its middle note of Belle de Nuit, a flower that blooms in the full intensity of moonlight, was sustainably captured from the Hawaiian island of Kauai using this fascinating technology, which doesn’t require flowers to be picked or the environment disturbed. After seeing the labs, immersing ourselves in harvesting fragrances and experimenting with our own unique Far Away Beyond The Moon fragrance blends, we were treated to exclusive time with Givaudan Perfumer, Hernan Figoli. Originally from Brazil, Hernan has worked at Givaudan for over 22 years and is the creator of Far Away Beyond The Moon. Hernan’s style has a strong technical component, but his most important source of inspiration is his imagination. Hernan’s unique interpretation gives his perfumery its vivid signature. We learned so much from the experts during our trip. Of everything we discovered, here are the top five lessons that we think everyone should know… Fragrances are a fusion of alcohol with varying concentrations of fragrance oils. The higher the concentration of fragrance oils, the longer it lasts on your skin. A parfum has between 16-40% potency, Eau de Parfum 15-20-%, Eau de Toilette 5-15%, Eau de Cologne 2-5% and Eau Fraîche 1-3%. Heard of top, middle and base notes? These are the different layers of a fragrance. The top notes are what you notice first, you either love it and grab it or hate it and toss it. Top notes don’t stick around for very long, so never judge a scent too quickly! The middle notes are known as the heart of the fragrance. These are exclusive scents that set them apart from other perfumes and are often what gives the perfume its personality. Base notes start to shine once the top and middle notes fade into the ether. These also last the longest on your skin. Together, these notes work in harmony with each other and are often described as part of a fragrance family: floral, oriental, woody, citrus or fruity. The longevity of your favourite scent depends on you. If you choose a light scent, you can expect it to last up to 8 hours; splurge on a more concentrated parfum and you’ll be basking in scent heaven way longer than that. Help your perfume go the distance by timing it right. The best time to spritz is directly after your shower when your skin is still warm and your pores are still open. Don’t forget to moisturise first because perfume tends to evaporate at lightning speed when your skin is dry. By layering different products with the same scent – like a perfume with its corresponding body lotion - you’ll help increase the staying power of the scent and prevent it from fading throughout the day. Application can make a difference to the way a scent behaves. The best spots to spritz are your pulse points – your neck, wrists, inside your elbows and behind your ears. These areas give off extra heat and help your scent to diffuse more quickly. Spray 3-5 inches away from your skin to prevent the scent from being too overpowering and, whatever you do, do not rub it in! This breaks down the notes prematurely, altering the scent and causing it to evaporate more quickly. Just spritz and go! And that’s a wrap! Now you can wear your perfect perfume with confidence. Wed, 01 Nov 2023 04:00:00 GMT /global/news/far-away-beyon-the-moon-paris Everyone gifts with love, it’s time to gift with power: unwrap the hottest gifting trends with us for this holiday season. /global/news/gifting-season With holiday season just around the corner, Avon is encouraging its community to not just gift with love, but gift with power. In line with the brand’s new Embrace Your Power positioning that celebrates female progress and championing the unique power within every woman, ‘gift with power’ is the overarching theme of holiday season at Avon. But what does it mean? We sat down with Director of Gifting, Rachel Costello, over a hot cup of cocoa to help us unwrap it… What does gifting with power mean to you? Gifting with power is all about celebrating our loved ones with gifts that reflect their uniqueness and feel really personal. If you think about a friend or family member, it’s easy to put your finger on what we love about them, but often they just can’t see in themselves how special they are. Gifting with power is all about celebrating our loved ones’ superpowers through thoughtful, personal gifts and to help give them the courage to embrace what makes them so special. Talk us through some of the hottest gifting trends this season. Without a doubt, wellness and self-care gifts will continue to rise this festive season and we expect this to continue through 2024. During the pandemic, the world was preoccupied with physical health and, now that the world is running at 100mph again, we’re all more conscious than ever of the need to slow down and make space to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. Gift giving has become a pivotal moment for us to give others the permission and the products to prioritise ourselves and our wellbeing. Gifts like bath salts, candles and luxurious skincare can encourage our loved ones to prioritise taking time for themselves and investing in their own self-care an wellbeing. What makes Avon such a unique and special destination for gifting? It’s no secret that the holiday season can be really expensive. With the economic climate that we find ourselves in, we are extremely proud to enable Avon’s customers to gift their loved ones something meaningful, beautiful and luxurious without breaking the bank. All of our gifts are beautifully packaged and the products inside are created using the same great quality ingredients and technologies that our customers are used to. Take our Far Away Beyond The Moon Fragrance Gift Set, complete with a 50ml bottle of the Parfum and a hand cream in the matching scent. In a recent blind test, 7 out of 10 customers revealed that they would switch from a £116 fragrance from a luxury, high-fashion brand to our £16 scent!* Likewise, our exclusive Power Couple Serum Gift Set, containing Avon’s dream skincare duo – Power Serum and Power Eye Cream - is powered by Avon’s exclusive award-winning Protinol™ technology, proven to help deliver seven powerful skin benefits in just 7 days** Talk us through some of your favourite Avon gift sets that are available this year. My favourite Avon gifts are the ones in the wellness space. I love being intentional with my space at home and our Time for Sleep and Time for Energy gift boxes are the perfect kits for that. Each one contains a curated assortment of products to help optimize your space. The Time for Sleep set is for my bedroom and Time for Energy in my office. Not only do they look and smell great, they’re an absolute joy to unbox too! I’m a sucker for an advent calendar, and this year Avon has launched five! There’s something for everyone: make-up, self-care, fragrance, jewellery and home fragrance. Together they make a little village, with each one decorated like a house. Inside each window are clues to what might be inside. In the make-up advent calendar, we see a woman preparing for a night out. In the self-care advent calendar, we’ve got somebody chilling in the bath. The attention to detail is top tier. Holiday season isn’t complete in my house without a festive candle, and the Avon Festive Spice home fragrance range is second to none in my book. Burning the candle feels like a warm, cosy hug, punctuated with vibrant orange and a pinch of cinnamon. Scent memory is so powerful and transformative, and as soon as I smell that it reminds me of quality time with friends and family around the Christmas tree with Michael Bublé playing in the background! For those who are new to Avon, we’ve also compiled the most stunning set of our best-selling cult and hero products inside one luxe powder-pink cosmetics bag – ideal for all skin types, tones and ages. A fabulous introduction to our brand, the set includes eight iconic Avon products: two of our best-selling serums, three of our most popular make-up products, and three of our most-loved fragrances. They’ll be Avon customers in no time at all! Perhaps the most powerful Avon gift of all is that we continue to celebrate and champion women – not just during festive season, but all year round. Every time you shop with Avon, we invest in millions of women and girls across the world, helping them to learn, earn and embrace their power. How many gifts can do that? To shop Avon this gifting season, get in touch with your local Representative or online at Avon in your country here . * Based on a consumer blind sniff test with 120 participants in 2022, UK and PL. ** Based on those that expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study. Mon, 23 Oct 2023 04:00:00 GMT /global/news/gifting-season Introducing Far Away Beyond The Moon: Avon’s latest parfum inspired by the mystery of the moon /global/news/far-away-beyond-the-moon The latest fragrance from the world’s number one fragrance brand*, Far Away Beyond The Moon is an intriguing parfum that captures the mesmerising effects and flower-blooming powers of a perfect moon. But how? The fragrance is powered by Belle de Nuit flower: a nocturnal flower that blooms in the full intensity of moonlight. The floral oriental scent is soft, creamy and hypnotising with the rich balsamic milky facets. Sustainably captured from the Hawaiian island of Kauai through headspace technology, which doesn’t require flowers to be picked, the Belle de Nuit note was created without disturbing its natural environment. Far Away Beyond The Moon is the latest addition to Avon’s best-selling Far Away family, and the most intense and mysterious yet. Developed using a higher concentration of fragrance oil, it takes you on a heightened, long-lasting experience that captivates the senses all through the night. Top notes: sparkling luminous Wild Cherry Essence, bright Baies Rose, and a ripe juicy Blackberry Accord Heart notes: glowing Water Fruits Accord and rich Tuberose, alongside Belle de Nuit Base notes: velvety Milk Moon Accord, Madagascar Vanilla and sustainably sourced Sandalwood Essence Describing the scent, perfumer Hernan Figoli said: ‘Far Away Beyond The Moon is inspired by the beauty of a full moon, how it leaves you with a feeling of fascination and reminds you just how big the world is to explore. The new parfum takes the Far Away woman on a new glamorous journey, further than ever before… Beyond The Moon.’ As always with Avon, Far Away Beyond the Moon is a luxurious treat without the luxury price tag, with 7 out of 10 women said they would switch from a luxury fragrance to Far Away Beyond The Moon**! Available now from a Representative or online at Avon in your country here . * Based on volume or units sold in 2021. ** Based on a consumer blind sniff test with 120 participants in 2022, UK and PL. vs Chanel Allure. Thu, 21 Sep 2023 04:00:00 GMT /global/news/far-away-beyond-the-moon