Avon Media Centre http://www.avonworldwide.com/ Avon Media Centre How we’re rewarding our Representatives with the new Avon Reward programme /global/news/Avon-Rewards-Russian Nelly Sarkisyan “With the launch of the Avon Rewards programme, I realised that I want to be the best! I began studying the new materials and products. Now people see me as an expert, trust me, recommend me to their friends. What did I get? New acquaintances, knowledge, and income growth. I'm happy! I am on top of success!” Irina Znamenschikova “Once I learnt about Avon Rewards programme, I realised that the time has come for me to act. I firmly decided that I want and deserve to climb the ladder of success to the highest title, VIP Platinum! I began to communicate more with people, so that I found new customers and friends. Now I collect a lot more orders than Iused to, my income has grown and I am sure it will grow even more!” Tatyana Printseva “I have been with Avon for 25 years! The new Avon Rewards programme takes me to a higher level of income and many other benefits, including free shipping for the whole quarter! My new VIP Platinum level inspires me to develop myself, learn something new every day and attract more and more customers in Avon to stay for longer, with the best programme! Thu, 20 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT /global/news/Avon-Rewards-Russian Don’t blink – an eye cream that really works /global/news/Anew-Dual-Eye-Systems-an-eye-cream-that-really-works There’s a reason why our dual eye creams are loved by millions, and now we’ve taken our Anew Dual Eye Systems to the next level by adding Protinol™ for faster results. A standard eye cream may be able to moisturise… but can it brighten dark circles? Or lift and tighten the delicate eye area? The eye area has a lot of complexity, demanding the perfect cream to tackle your concerns, whether that’s brightening and targeting dark circles or lifting the eye area. Hannah Roberts, Head of Anew says, “The skin around the eyes is especially sensitive. Because it’s so fragile, it shows tiredness and fatigue more quickly than other skin, as well as developing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. That’s why it’s so important to use a cream tailored for eyes rather than a general moisturiser. Our Anew Dual Eye Systems are designed to tackle the most common issues for the skin around the eyes – and they now have Protinol™, so you can see results in just two days*.” Our Anew Lifting Dual Eye System, loved by millions**, consists of an upper eye gel with skin tighteners and revitalising caffeine to help the eye area look dramatically lifted, and an undereye cream with a nourishing, peptide-rich formula for a visibly smoother, firmer undereye. Our bestselling dark circle treatment***, our Anew Dark Circle Corrector Dual Eye System, includes a day cream with colour-correcting pigment technology to instantly brighten undereye shadows. There’s also a soothing night gel with organic marine algae extract to help reduce the cause of dark circles****. Put Anew to the test with our new and improved moisturising, brightening, lifting and tightening eye creams. For best results, use with our Anew day and night creams for an all-round youthful glow.   * Based on a consumer science study with 154 participants. ** Based on worldwide sales. *** Based on those who expressed an opinion in a consumer science study. **** With continued use. Wed, 19 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT /global/news/Anew-Dual-Eye-Systems-an-eye-cream-that-really-works Make way for a new beauty trend: introducing authentic-ageing /global/news/post-covid-authentic-ageing-skincare For so long, youth has been the leading currency in beauty – but no more! With the pandemic having heightened awareness of the fragility of life, getting older is now considered a gift, and in turn attitudes towards ageing as a beauty concern are shifting. Products that claim to preserve, emulate or recapture youth no longer speak to customers in the same way. In fact, 2 in 5 women aged over 55 don’t consider wrinkles and fine lines as one of their biggest skin insecurities. And with a bigger appetite towards embracing ageing rather than trying to run away from it, there is a shift in beauty beyond skincare, with women wanting to put down their hair dye and embrace their grey hair too. Simultaneous trends have also helped change the narrative to one where no filter authenticity is prized above apparent perfection: witness the rise of real-life social media giant TikTok which has given a global platform to ‘real’ people, resulting in a countertrend to the highly polished world of Instagram that has dominated for so long. The end result for skincare and beauty is that the story is not about simply anti - or pro - ageing, but about authentic-ageing. We understand our skin and want to give it what it needs to be healthy, strong and radiant, whatever our stage of life. We want to look like ourselves, not live up to anyone else’s ideals. Hannah Roberts, Global Brand Director, says: “A stark realisation that the pandemic has brought to us all is that getting older is not something to be afraid of or a battle ‘to win’, it’s something to strive for. So, in the conversations around skincare, we see the shift in the narrative away from messages that we ‘should’ turn back time, towards conversations around effective products that address our specific needs to give us our most beautiful and resilient skin. Age does not define you, you will define you.” That’s why Avon’s best-selling ANEW collection – with two ANEW products sold every second – is all about truly efficacious skincare for strong, radiant skin. The most recent addition to the range, ANEW Power Serum, was formulated with award-winning patented Protinol™ technology and Niacinamide to amplify your skin’s own power – and delivers dramatically healthier looking skin in just 7 days*   * Based on results of consumer science study with 206 participants. Wed, 12 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT /global/news/post-covid-authentic-ageing-skincare Eco-conscious skincare this January /global/news/skincare-vegan-veganuary For many, January is a time to make resolutions or try out more ethical ways of living. If you’re trying Veganuary – or if you’re just curious about vegan products and want to learn more – this is a perfect time to try out our Distillery range. We believe beauty is about more than an external look – beauty is within, and that includes our products. When it comes to being conscious about what you put on your skin, everyone has their own beauty ‘standards’ and increasingly this includes vegan products, as consumers look for products that align with their values. This trend aligns with a broader movement of actively seeking out more environmentally and sustainable options, wanting to leave the world better than they found it. That’s what our Distillery collection is all about. The vegan Distillery products celebrate clean beauty without compromise by offering pure, potent formulas that deliver powerful results. They’ve been formulated using only the ingredients that you really need; no fillers. The collection comprises luxurious skincare products, a beautiful make-up collection and the newest addition, our CBD Batch 420 Elixir. The collection proudly wears its trademark logo from the Vegan Society. Building into our commitment to sustainability, we’ve focused on conscious development – considering the intention in every single detail – from the ingredient list to the packaging. For Distillery, that means focusing on efficacy, only using what we need (the majority of the collection is even 100% waterless) and using eco-conscious glass and aluminium where we can for packaging to create potent skincare and make up formulas that offer premium performance but are also vegan, eco-conscious and beautiful. What could be better than knowing that the beauty products we choose to buy, and put on our face, give great results without us having to compromise our values? Together, by embracing the idea of conscious development, beauty brands the world over can help make the future, even if it’s just tomorrow, a little more positive. Tue, 11 Jan 2022 05:00:00 GMT /global/news/skincare-vegan-veganuary Avon named amongst Top Trending Beauty Brands /global/news/Avon-ranked-fourth-biggest-beauty-brand-by-Cosmetify As 2021 draws to a close, we’re super proud to share that we’ve been named as one of the top five most trending beauty brands by Cosmetify, a beauty and cosmetics comparison website, based on what consumers are searching for and engaging with online. And we’re not just trending – we were also named your favourite brand in 37 countries, more than any other brand! That’s all thanks to you. Cosmetify compared the world’s 100 biggest beauty brands, ranking them on followers, engagement, mentions and searches. We’re in good company too, alongside our sister brand in the Natura &Co family, The Body Shop. We’re a beauty company based on relationships, so we thought we’d take a look back at the stories you’ve been searching for, commenting on and hitting that like button about. Celebrating 135 years, and only just getting started This year, we celebrated 135 years of championing women, democratising beauty and opening up opportunities to earn and learn. Our Representatives across the world shared what Avon means to them and created unique digital versions of our iconic brochure featuring their favourite products. We also continued our commitment to a better world for women, which is a better world for all, by pledging $1.35 million in grants for projects helping women overcome abuse. Powering up skincare, for all Our innovations reached new heights with the launch of our ground-breaking Anew Renewal Power Serum , featuring world-exclusive Protinol™ as well as Niacinamide to give you 7 powerful skin benefits in just 7 days*. It’s so powerful, our Global Director of Skincare and Trend Innovation Anthony Gonzalez said: “In my 20+ years as a scientist I have never seen such powerful results from a daily topical skincare product in such a short space of time!” Upcycled ingredients in our best-selling brands As the world’s number one fragrance brand**, we were especially excited to launch our new fragrance Far Away Beyond this year. The fragrance brings together mouth-watering pear, intense jasmine and exotic upcycled Madagascan vanilla from vanilla beans which would otherwise be discarded. Bold looks are back Our Future of Beauty Report has predicted a “roaring 20s” effect in beauty with playfulness and colour returning – and what better way to celebrate than trying out our Power Stay Long-Lasting Lip Stain , harnessing the ultimate bare lip sensation with lasting power? A better world for women, a better world for all Our communities once again took action to help end the late diagnosis of breast cancer and speak out to end gender-based violence. In October, we launched the online Boob Portal so more people could recognise the signs and symptoms of breast cancer as know when to see a doctor. We’re ending the year by speaking out against verbal abuse with NO MORE, encouraging our communities to share content to raise awareness, signpost to support and sign our pledge to end this form of abuse. Thank you to all our Representatives, customers and employees for being part of Avon. Ready for 2022? We’re only just getting started.   *Based on those that expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study. **As measured by volume or units sold in 2020. Tue, 14 Dec 2021 05:00:00 GMT /global/news/Avon-ranked-fourth-biggest-beauty-brand-by-Cosmetify