Jan Zijderveld meets Leanna Biagioni

UK Representative interview with Avon CEO

Jan Zijderveld meets Avon UK Sales Leader and Representative Leanna Biagioni to talk about the launch of stand4her; what the programme involves, what it means for our Representatives across the world, and why Avon is best equipped to drive change and opportunities for women globally. 

They also found time to talk about our digital transformation and what the future holds for Avon.

Meet Leanna, a Beauty Entrepreneur

“Avon was something that was always in my world; my Mum did it, my Gran did it. I've always adored the brand.”

Find out more about Leanna and her journey with Avon in our Woman of the Week feature. 

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stand4her programme

Jan gives Leanna the lowdown on what the standher programme and its aim to improve the world for women by advancing their earning potential through the power of beauty, and the ability to live safe and healthy lives.  

Watch the full interview between Leanna and Jan, including more information about our digital transformation and a snapshot of what's in store over the next twelve months.

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