#WeAreAvon: Matthieu Comard

“This is a lifestyle plan and my journey has only just started.”

#WeAreAvon: Matthieu Comard

Managing Director, Western Europe

Matthieu Comard is Managing Director of Avon Western Europe. He oversees our business in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Germany.

"2020 was unprecedented on so many levels. For me, it triggered a re-evaluation of ‘how do I stay healthy – both physically and mentally’?

I decided to do two things – 1) get active on the bike and 2) go ‘dry’ for a year!

I’ve focused and made good progress. I bought a bike and go out as soon as I can. I also set myself a target to cycle 30km in less than 65 mins, which I now achieve on most days! So now the next target is 30km in 60mins! But more than achieving the target I love the feeling of physical exhaustion and breathlessness at the end of it! I also decided to go completely dry at the start of the first lock-down. I’ll soon be celebrating a year of ‘dry-ness’, and I absolutely do not miss it!

Both of the challenges that I set myself have helped do the job – I feel healthy, but I’m committed to keep going. This is a lifestyle plan and my journey has only just started."

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