Responsible business

Being Human-kind and Planet-kind

We’re working to create a better world for women, which is a better world for all. We’re committed to positive social and environmental impact through our support for causes that matter to women and through how we do business. 
Our business model provides opportunities for women around the world to earn and learn, supporting them to build their own businesses and achieve economic freedom. We speak out about breast cancer and gender-based violence, raising awareness, explaining how to take action and fundraising for relevant organisations. 
We are committed to being human kind and planet kind in the way we manage our business and in the decisions we make. This means working to ensure that the products we sell, and the way in which we make and sell them, are designed with the health of both people and planet in mind. Human kind is about providing a supportive and diverse working culture, protecting human rights in our supply chain, and championing progress for women. Planet kind means choosing sustainable packaging options, reducing the carbon emissions of our operations and in our supply chain, and minimising environmental harm from the ingredients we source and the products we sell. 



Our business model is rooted in creating opportunities for economic participation – supporting millions of Representatives across the world - who run their own beauty business with Avon. 

We are proud to be an inclusive, welcoming business and brand, and believe in being open to all. We strive to foster an inclusive culture and support equality through the way we do business – from how we present beauty through to how we support our employees. 

Most of our Representatives are women, and as such we want to tackle the issues that matter most to them.  Our philanthropic work focuses on breast cancer – one of the greatest female health concerns - and gender-based violence, which impacts one in three women worldwide.

We’re working hard to be a more sustainable resilient business, from how we create our products through to lowering the environmental footprint of our operations. 

We’re on an ambitious journey to reduce the packaging of our products and increase use of recycled and recyclable materials. We’re working towards more renewable and natural ingredients and biodegradable formulas for our beauty products.  And we’ve committed to full traceability and/or certification of our critical supply chains by 2025. 

To tackle our carbon footprint we have made the commitment to be net zero by 2030.  In addition to reducing our carbon emissions we are improving waste management, and recycling and water stewardship across our operations.

Avon: For Women

We believe in a better world for women, which is a better world for all. 

We speak up and speak out on issues that matter most to women: breast cancer and gender-based violence. We seek to help women overcome the challenges they face, and become the best they can be.

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Economic participation

We were founded to provide an opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs to earn and learn on their own terms. We continue to drive change for economic participation today, supporting women and men across the world to build their own business. 

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We believe in beauty democracy. While the majority of our Representatives and customers are women, we’re open to all – regardless of gender, sexuality, race, age, or ability. We welcome and encourage inclusion and diversity. We’re proud to support the UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business, and celebrate and support all of our LGBTIQA+ communities around the world.

Improving our environmental impact

We work to continually reduce our environmental footprint and responsibly manage our global operations.

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A global stand against animal testing

We proudly became the first global beauty company to end animal testing across all products in every country in which we operate, and have been working for acceptance of non-animal methods for three decades.

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Building a more human-kind and planet-kind future

As the beauty industry considers its role in sustainability and how to effect change in packaging, product sourcing and waste – are we missing a crucial detail? The people. Global Cosmetics News invited us onto their famous podcast series to explore how the beauty industry can reframe its sustainability agenda by bringing together people and the planet to truly make a difference. 


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Talking positively powerful: Avon’s approach to responsible marketing

We believe in the power of the community. That’s why we ask every one of our teams and ambassadors to join our movement of positive and open communication. It’s important that people can trust us to bring the boom to their blusher. To call it right on causes, from gender equality and women’s health to well-being. And to do what we’ve promised.

That means we say things straight, and we stick by what we say. And we use our platforms and channels to speak up and say what we stand for. That’s why we’ve put together these guidelines, to clearly state our principles and values when it comes to communications and marketing.

Because when the world is fair and respectful, everyone is happier. And together, we rise.

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You can find out more about how we’re tackling some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues here in our corporate responsibility report
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