135 anniversary skincare Sep 28, 2021

A shift in skincare

A shift in skincare

At Avon, we’ve been delivering innovation for 135 years. To mark our birthday, Hannah Roberts, Brand Director of ANEW, talks us through some of the biggest trends in skincare, and how Avon is meeting diverse skincare needs.

Has your daily skincare routine changed since the start of the pandemic? Over the last 18 months we’ve seen a huge shift in skincare – and many of these trends are here to stay…

Pre- and probiotic beauty products are poised for huge growth, accelerated by the pandemic as health and wellbeing become top consumer priorities. Mentions of ‘skin microbiome’ online via Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have grown significantly.

We’ve developed an innovative, smart and hyper-functional skincare formula that actually rebalances the skin’s microbiome. Our Dual Defence Clarifying Lotion is formulated with Pre & Post Biotics Complex and Salicylic Acid for instantly matte and smooth skin in just one week whilst visibly improving the appearance of blemishes and post-blemish marks whilst evening out tone and texture.

Skincare will increasingly focus on less but better, with multi-step routines replaced by concentrated products and personalised formulas that address multiple concerns in one. The bottle-laden ‘shelfie’ is out as it is increasingly seen as neither desirable nor affordable, and consumers will look for ways to avoid ‘mistake purchases’ that result in cupboards of half-used products and waste.

Single hero products are starting to disrupt traditional collection models – like our ANEW Power Serum. This is the rise of mono-dose single product skincare items that are efficacious, efficient and deliver a perfectly measured dose of ingredients at peak potency that will give you the most powerful skin transformation EVER. Not convinced? Try it and see for yourself!