The micro-rituals of personal care Sep 2, 2021

The micro-rituals of personal care

The micro-rituals of personal care

By Hannah Roberts, Brand Director of Anew

For many of us, hygiene and cleanliness have felt even more pressing during the pandemic. But being confined at home has also made us want to elevate these experiences – such as showering using a new scent, new textures and other sensorials around the body. The pandemic has reminded us how fleeting yet how precious these moments are.

So, what does this mean at Avon? We’ve been working to transform skin with the goodness of care for 135 years. We’ve built on our expertise to meet the needs of you and your family, as well as creating those sensorial experiences we all crave.

With the heightened anxiety around staying well and healthy, and in response to growing fears around bacteria, we launched the Avon Care Tea Tree line, infused with tea tree extract and Vitamin E. It has an antibacterial effect combined with 24 hour moisturising and calming.

Handwashing may be essential, but it can also dry out skin. For those in your family who might have more sensitive skin conditions, we’ve developed the Avon Care Derma range – a dermatologically tested line providing instant relief and 72 hour moisture to soothe extra dry and irritated skin.

We’ve seen the pandemic lead to a heightened focus on the daily micro-rituals around personal care. Consumers crave more pleasurable sensorial, comforting and cocooning everyday experiences. Our new Senses Moon Milk Shower Cremes are designed to envelope you with double the moisturiser power, an extra creamy lather and addictive fragrances. A shower becomes a ‘me-time moment’ where 5 minutes provides a total escape from the ordinary.