Artistique Monet Nov 3, 2021

Let our new Artistique Monet fragrance transport you to Monet’s Giverny Gardens

Say hello to our NEW Artistique Monet Collection, inspired by the flowers painted by master artist, Claude Monet.

Our master perfumer travelled to Monet’s gardens in Giverny to capture the scents of the iconic flowers, crafting them into fine perfumes that bring Monet’s renowned painting of The Garden at Giverny to life.

With 74% of women revealing they wear perfume for themselves as much as they do for a partner*, transport yourself to this place of exquisite beauty with our NEW Artistique Monet Collection - available in two elegant scents:

Avon Artistique Water Lily

Full of light and colour, this floral watery masterpiece stars lotus flower, a pure peony accord and the delicate touch of blonde woods to express the same techniques employed by the famed painter Monet.

Avon Artistique Wisteria

This dreamy fragrance blends the blossoming beauty of wisteria with the fresh garden feel of capucine and a creamy soft musk finish. Rich in texture and depth, this vibrant scent transports you to Giverny’s famous bridge.

The collection has been crafted by Nathalie Lorson, our world-renowned master perfumer and one of the first women in her field. She said: “ I’m delighted to be working with Avon to bring the majesty and iconic flowers of Monet’s Giverny Gardens to life. I can’t wait for people to experience the magic for themselves. I don’t do this work for myself – the real goal is to touch people. 

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*2021 study of 4,009 Women 18+ in UK, Poland, South Africa and The Philippines. Study commissioned by Avon, conducted by Opinium.