Avon Rewards Russian Jan 20, 2022

How we’re rewarding our Representatives with the new Avon Reward programme

Nelly Sarkisyan

“With the launch of the Avon Rewards programme, I realised that I want to be the best!

I began studying the new materials and products. Now people see me as an expert, trust me, recommend me to their friends. What did I get? New acquaintances, knowledge, and income growth.

I'm happy! I am on top of success!”

Irina Znamenschikova

“Once I learnt about Avon Rewards programme, I realised that the time has come for me to act. I firmly decided that I want and deserve to climb the ladder of success to the highest title, VIP Platinum! I began to communicate more with people, so that I found new customers and friends. Now I collect a lot more orders than Iused to, my income has grown and I am sure it will grow even more!”

Tatyana Printseva

“I have been with Avon for 25 years!

The new Avon Rewards programme takes me to a higher level of income and many other benefits, including free shipping for the whole quarter! My new VIP Platinum level inspires me to develop myself, learn something new every day and attract more and more customers in Avon to stay for longer, with the best programme!