International Men's Day Nov 19, 2021

#SpeakOut: men as allies to help end gender-based violence

Here at Avon, we’ve been supporting and championing women for 135 years to help them overcome the challenges they face and become the best they can be. We’re for women, but we can all speak out for women. Our programme to end gender-based violence calls on everyone in our communities to #SpeakOut and end intimate partner abuse and violence in all its forms.

On International Men’s Day, we hear from three beauty business owners across our global community about what speaking out means for them.

András Judi, Hungary

“It’s so important for me to be socially responsible, through my Avon business and in my personal life too. When I started my business as a Representative, I supported the products that raised funds encouraging my customers to give back through their beauty must-haves. Now, as a business owner with a team, I encourage my team to do the same to raise funds and awareness for the causes that matter most.

“Speaking out about gender-based violence is fundamentally about having respect for each other and it’s on us all to support the cause. Violence in any form is wrong. If every human being would show their support, the world would be a much better place. We need to speak out for the next generation too. For me, it’s about supporting my little girl and for others it’s about educating their sons.

“I am so proud to be part of the Avon family and to see firsthand how Avon is raising awareness of this topic.”

Milan Šrenk, Serbia

“As one of the first beauty business owners in Serbia, I’ve been running my business and supporting my team of Avon Representatives for 20 years. I’ve proudly supported Avon’s programmes to improve the lives of women and the causes we support - whether that’s sharing our charity products or encouraging conversations about the cause.

“I was proud to be recognised as Champion of Hearts by Avon in Serbia along with my devoted team to raise funds for the Avon Breast Cancer Promise and our Gender Based Violence Programme. It meant a lot to me; it was a whole team effort, and we are all Champions for these causes close to our hearts.

“For me, it’s important to speak out about these causes. Why? We can all make a difference by sharing one simple message. I’m proud to continue to support these causes alongside my wife, daughter and two granddaughters who mean the world to me. I do it for them.”

Howard Philpott, UK

“I run my beauty business and manage my amazing team in partnership with my wife. It’s something we’re incredibly committed to because we can change people’s futures as part of a company with purpose at heart.

“Very early on in my Avon journey I noticed the causes that Avon stand for. ‘Avon for women’ resonates with me because, it’s on all of us to take action to support the causes that matter most to women and the women in our lives.

“When the global pandemic magnified instances of violence and abuse at home, our team wanted to do something more to support this cause and help women feeling isolated know they are not alone. I shared with my team that we would be supporting one of Avon’s UK’s charity partners, Refuge, as our chosen charity and we set out to raise funds to support the National Domestic Abuse Helpline ran by the charity.

“We set a target of £13,311 - the amount it would take to help to run the Helpline for three days. Knowing we are coming together as a focused, fun and supportive team to raise more awareness and funds for lifesaving frontline services has been wonderful for our team spirit.

“You hear the stats of one in three experiencing domestic abuse, but I couldn’t believe the number of people in my team that came forward and spoke out about their own personal experiences. Seeing person after person so bravely share their stories was phenomenal. I knew at that moment, fundraising for the cause was the right thing to do.

“I encourage us to be an open team and supportive team, nurturing a safe place to speak up, speak out and share where support is. If more men don’t speak out about gender-based violence, we’re part of the problem. We need to acknowledge that it happens and talk about it to influence the next generation too, so that they understand that abuse in any form is not acceptable.

To #SpeakOut against verbal abuse or for help and support visit