Who Cares, Who Does? report Oct 14, 2021

Want to know which brand cares? We do!

The third edition of the Kantar Who Cares, Who Does? report looks at the actions and attitudes of consumers towards the environment and society and how this impacts our purchasing decisions. The report asks the opinions of shoppers in 26 different countries to get a global picture of what really matters to us buying anything from beauty to bars of chocolate.

Who Cares, Who Does? highlighted there are three groups of people when it comes to our shopping habits; Eco Actives, Eco Considerers and Eco Dismissers. The good news? More and more of us are becoming Eco Active shoppers year on year, rising from 16% when the report began in 2019 to 22% of us in 2021. More of us are now concerned about sustainability and follow the topic actively so that we’re more aware of our impact on the planet and society.

Want to know even better news? Here at Avon, we’re helping shoppers to buy from a sustainable business that helps society and we’re proud to be part of a group of brands that puts purpose at the heart of everything we do. In the report, Avon is recognised as the top brand that does their bit for society, alongside our Natura &Co sister brands The Body Shop and Natura. Natura was also recognised as one of the top brands that do a lot for the environment. .

You can read the full report here and find out more about our work to support women in society here.