Global News | Oct 20, 2020

Brand new: The brains behind Avon’s brand refresh, Ana Kvezereli

Ana Kvezereli

Welcome to Brand New: the interview series introducing you to the masterminds behind our new brand positioning. This team of brand masters are sharing their stories; how their work has helped transform Avon’s brand so we can become the one that no one saw coming. #WatchMeNow

Episode 3: Ana Kvezereli, lettering artist with branding agency Bloom London.

Read on to learn more from the designer herself who worked with agency Bloom London to create the logo as part of Avon’s visual identity update.

Our logo is the visual representation of our brand, the icon people all over the world recognise and attribute a whole bunch of assumptions, beliefs and experiences to. It isn’t just the logo we’re changing but it’s likely to be the first thing people notice. What’s more, there’s some really interesting science behind its design. Read on to learn more from the designer herself.

So, Ana, you’re a designer. What exactly does a logo designer do?

A logo designer’s aim is to reflect a brand’s true story graphically – to create a design that effectively communicates on behalf of the brand. Of course, a brand’s mark is just one small subset of branding, but it’s a company’s first introduction to consumers, carrying company’s core values in an interesting way so creating one comes with a lot of responsibility, too.

When you got the brief for modernising the Avon logo, what were your initial thoughts?

I was very excited and felt a great responsibility for it. When I am excited about the project, I am usually thinking about it all the time so from the first minute until the end of the process I was completely dedicated to it.

What sort of process did you work through in creating the design?

Every graphic designer has their own approach to logo development. I am usually starting with research and getting to know the company’s audience, values and history better, even though I might know the company well. After the research, there is a sketching phase and thinking of the creative theory. The big advantage was to work with strategists and a wonderful team who was giving me the insights about the brand. My approach was to be bold, brave and fresh; to create a logo with a real standout that would reflect the brand's true story.

What inspired you?

A brand that has empowered women for over 130 years and has been bringing beauty to their everyday lives is inspiring in itself. As a consumer, I felt a connection with the brand.

Were there any challenges?

Every minute of the work was challenging. I wanted to make the logo more distinctive and eye-catching. One of the main points in the brief was that the logo should work at small sizes on different packaging, so simplicity and clarity was a priority. It’s been one of the most rewarding pieces of work I’ve ever been a part of, so I really wanted to make it stand out.

Can you tell us three interesting things about the new logo?

  1. When we look at something for the first time, we perceive the visual side of it, rather than read what it says. Yes, the logo is different, but I think this initial perception has stayed same. That was one of my objectives during the work - create the new typeface with the same sort of visual perception.
  1. The wordmark uses triangles, circles and curved lines. Looking into the science of shapes, the triangle is often used to represent achievement, goals and success whereas curved shapes and circles represent empathy and harmony. The combination of these shapes, creates the logo of leadership and stability.
  1. I explored many different versions of the wordmark, but this concept was the very first one and I truly believe that usually the very first brainstorming with a fresh mind, is when the key facets of the logotype are formed.

Has your perception of Avon changed as you’ve worked through this project with us?

My perception of Avon has changed indeed. I had the chance to get to know the culture and the history of Avon a bit more and now I have even more respect for the brand.

Let’s finish with a little bit about you … have you ever been the underdog or been underestimated? What’s your Watch Me Now story?

I always had a dream to dance professionally, and a few years ago I went to the professional dance school owned by an award-winning female dancer. Despite the fact, that I never danced before the director of the school let me attend the children’s intensive class instead of the amateurs’ class, thinking that I would drop out in a month anyway. The age group of the class was around 10-16 and initially it was embarrassingly hilarious for me as I was 26. Surprisingly for me and all the teachers, after five months of intensive work, I was able to do most of the ballet poses including the splits, Latin dances in a pair and was even chosen to enter a children's hip-hop competition.

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