Global New | Oct 2, 2019

ANEW Pollution Protect+ launched to tackle ‘polluaging’ – one of K-Beauty’s most talked-about skin issues

ANEW Pollution Protect

Introducing ANEW Pollution Protect+, the powerful 3-in-1 anti-pollution skincare regime. Among an ever-growing audience of ‘skin-tellectuals’, it is no secret that – when combined – pollution and UV rays can cause up to 80% of skin ageing. Modern women, particularly those living in big cities, are seeking ways to protect their skin against the invisible environmental aggressors that are a feature of modern living.

In the K-Beauty world, ‘polluaging’ has been big business for some time. Now Avon has tapped into this growing trend, launching ANEW Pollution Protect+: an advanced regime to shield, restore and moisturise the skin with three benefits: anti-pollution, UV protection and anti-ageing.

Avon is one of the first brands outside of Asia to bring a ‘polluaging’ product to the market, opening it up to new customers in this growing segment. Created to meet the dynamic needs of modern women and skin enthusiasts, this on-trend, innovative and scientifically advanced new collection consists of an SPF50 Day Defense Lotion and a Detox Mask.

Infused with powerful and advanced anti-oxidants, it protects the skin from pollution and UV rays while keeping it ultra-moisturised and shielded against free radicals all day long.

“Anti-pollution products have been around for a few years, but most of these products don’t combine UV protection, and by not addressing this major youth aggressor, they fail to deliver complete skin ageing protection,” explains Anthony Gonzalez, Director Regional Color and Facial Skin Care Product Development at Avon. “Taking that into consideration and inspired by K-Beauty, our lightweight formula features Environment Protect Technology, to protect skin from pollution breaking down cells beneath the surface where lines and wrinkles arise, combined with a high SPF, to create a barrier against UV rays,” he adds.

ANEW Pollution Protect+ has already shown impressive results: Using ANEW Pollution Protect+ Detox Mask, 97% of women agreed that skin is left looking and feeling healthy after one application* and 100% of women instantly showed increased hydration after using ANEW Pollution Protect+ Day Defense Lotion. Invisible-feel pollution protection, visible anti-aging results.

Avon’s Global Director of Skincare Segolene Hofnung said: “Avon’s ability to formulate so successfully for so many consumers worldwide is built on a strong foundation of understanding skin, and accumulated scientific knowledge about making products for all skin types. We strongly believe that all women should have access to high-quality products, and ANEW combines cutting-edge formulas, proven credentials for immediate visible results on skin, opening up Avon to customers looking for serious skincare everywhere.”

ANEW Pollution Protect+ is suitable for women of all ages and all skin conditions. To learn more or buy the new collection find your local Avon website here.

*Based on women who expressed an opinion in a Consumer Use Test