ANEW Protinol Power Serum Aug 11, 2021

Don’t think you have the power to transform your skin? Think again!

ANEW Protinol Power Serum

NEW ANEW Power Serum harnesses patented Protinol™ and Niacinamide to deliver dramatically healthier, more beautiful looking skin for all

The pursuit of beautiful, glowing skin has never been greater, with ‘Skinimalism’ set to be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021 [1] . Why use lots of different products when in one bottle, you can amplify your skin’s own power for proven dramatic results? Especially when it’s accessible, fuss-free and powerful. The proof? 100% of women in our clinical trial showed results on multiple signs of ageing.

Our team of dedicated scientists have tested ANEW Power Serum on multiple skin types, tones and ages so all consumers can trust it will work for them.

With award-winning Patented Protinol™ technology and Niacinamide to amplify your skin’s own power, embrace a natural, glowing complexion with ANEW Power Serum. See your most powerful skin transformation yet, with healthier, beautiful looking skin in just 7 days [2] : fine lines reduced, firmer-looking skin, smoother-looking skin, radiant glow uncovered, pores minimised, stronger feeling and more resilient skin.

So how does it ACTUALLY work? Our world exclusive Protinol™ ingredient strengthens skin’s foundation with a unique dual collagen boost. It restores collagen I and collagen III - the secret to baby-like bounce and your best skin in years.

ANEW Power Serum also contains the added benefit of Niacinamide which helps renew skin at the surface - promoting even skin tone, combating blemishes and reducing the appearance of large pores.

Anthony Gonzalez, Avon’s Director of Global Skincare and Trend Innovation “When we saw the before and after images for ourselves we couldn’t believe our eyes. In my 20+ years as a scientist I have never seen such powerful results from a daily topical skincare product in such a short space of time. I was truly blown away, which doesn’t happen often! If you want dramatically healthier looking skin, try the Power Serum and see the results for yourselves. Because seeing is believing.”




[2] Based on results of consumer science study with 206 participants.