Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream Apr 17, 2023

Introducing Dr Zoya Diwan and the results of her in-clinic trial using our new ANEW Power Eye Cream and Serum

We’re really excited to be partnering with expert in Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr Zoya Diwan. Dr Zoya has run a trial of our new ANEW Power Eye Cream and ANEW Power Serum with patients in her London clinic and the results are amazing. As well as finding out more about that trial – and its results, of course -we wanted to get to know Dr Zoya a little better, so, read on for an all-access interview. Zoya talks everything from getting into dermatology to embracing her power.

A little bit of background …

Dr Zoya Diwan graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine and King’s College London. Together with her partner, Dr Sanjay, Dr Zoya runs a central London medical aesthetics clinic, Trikwan, treating patients with a variety of skin concerns including ageing. Through her treatments, Dr Zoya aims to educate and empower her patients to feel confident in their skin.

How did you get into dermatology?

After training at the London Medical School, I worked in the NHS for a few years studying a variety of fields including paediatrics, accident and emergency, and surgery. The specialism that really caught my interest was dermatology, largely due to further studies of aesthetics, where I began to understand how much it empowers people and the way it can make such a difference to their self-confidence.

Can you tell us about your journey from studying medicine to opening your own aesthetics clinic?

When I finished studying, the aesthetics field was still fairly new and there wasn’t a great deal of research in that area, so I published a few papers on the under-eye area. This ignited my passion, and my partner and I were then inspired to open our own aesthetics clinic. Despite opening during a time where the ‘bigger and better’ trend in cosmetics was rife, we focused on offering treatments that delivered natural results and helped to restore our patients’ self-confidence. We were offering something different, which is why I think we were successful.

What excites you about helping people with their skin concerns?

The thing that excites me the most is how quickly my treatments have a positive impact on my patients’ self-confidence. I strongly believe this isn’t a vanity issue; it’s about self-image and self-confidence and it’s wonderful to be able to help people improve this. For example, studies have shown that people with even the mildest form of acne can be really badly affected in terms of their confidence and happiness, and effective treatments can have a huge effect.

Is there an example in your life or career where you feel you’ve embraced your power?

I’m embracing my power now more than ever. I became a mother last year and have had to push myself across all aspects of life – as a parent, businesswoman, wife and friend. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate the busy parts of your life, but when you work hard and embrace your power, you can flourish.

Why did you partner with Avon?

The main reason I partnered with Avon is the history of the company itself. Its strong heritage, and the recognition and familiarity it has with women around the world. I particularly like how Avon has such a strong research team, developing evidence-based ingredients to use in its products. The brand also has a tremendous inclusivity of shades and colours across its ranges, at affordable prices for many.

You recently ran a trial in your clinic using Avon products. What was the aim of that trial?

I conducted a trial in my clinic with 32 participants to independently assess how effectively Avon’s Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream treats signs of ageing over a seven day period – when used alone and when used in conjunction with Anew Renewal Power Serum.

How did you measure the results?

To scientifically measure how effective the product(s) were, we used VISIA Skin Analysis, a state-of-the-art imaging tool which reveals damage and signs of ageing on and beneath the surface of the skin. We analysed each triallist’s skin before and after using the product(s) to measure the difference in wrinkles. In addition, each triallist completed a patient satisfaction survey seven days after daily use.

Importantly, what were the results of the Anew Renewal Power Eye Cream trial?!

I was amazed to see the new Power Eye Cream restoring years of collagen loss in just seven days when I trialled it in my clinic. On average, trial participants saw an average reduction of 10% in the number of fine lines and wrinkles present around the eyes – with one patient seeing an enormous 52% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, our survey revealed that 73% noticed smoother looking skin, 88% were satisfied with the results they achieved using this product and a huge 92% would recommend the product to other people.

What were the most impressive results you witnessed?

While the average trial participant saw an average reduction of 10% in the number of fine lines and wrinkles present around the eyes, one participant saw an enormous reduction of 52%, and over a third (37%) of trial participants saw wrinkle reductions of 20% or more.

What do you think of the the product?

Having used it myself, I noticed a visible difference in my skin – it was smoother and more hydrated. Despite the trial being just one week, my clients were also noticing strong results. The statistics speak for themselves too, with 92% saying they would recommend it to their friends which shows their confidence in the product.

Were you impressed by the Protinol technology?

I firmly believe in evidence-based treatments and creams, so I was really excited to learn about Protinol™ technology, which has 20 years of research behind it. And, most importantly, it actually works! The new Power Eye Cream restored years of collagen loss when I trialled it in my clinic. I was amazed to see such strong results from just seven days of topical use, and I was even more amazed by the affordable price.