Attraction Game Feb 9, 2022

Move over oysters, we’re launching an APHRODISIAC fragrance for Valentine’s Day

Do you love the thrill of the chase? Crave the exhilerating game of attraction? Then look no further than our latest fragrance… introducing Attraction Game.

Created in collaboration with renowned global fragrance house Firmenich, our latest fragrance was developed using ingredients shown to turn you on. After smelling the ingredients in Attraction Game, fMRI imaging – similar to that of an MRI scan – showed activity in all respondents’ brains indicating stimulated feelings of pleasure*. Meet our first fragrance that uses neuroscience to up your attraction game!

According to new research, 4 in 5 (78%) women globally admit a partner’s fragrance choice can make them more attractive. Our new fragrance - from the world’s best selling fragrance brand - goes one step further, with its unique blend of olfactives that are proven to tempt your senses.

Featuring a powerful shared hypnotic accord, our Attraction Game fragrances contain ingredients shown to elicit pleasure, stimulate the mind and tempt the senses. The two irresistible new scents for him and for her join our Attraction fragrance family this Valentine’s Day.

Alongside Attraction Original’s signature rich and warm woody notes, Attraction Game For Him and Attraction Game For Her both feature a fresh pear and spicy pepper opening, and a dark chocolate note at the heart.

Attraction Game For Him explores fresh and warm tension, offering a familiar masculine structure with a modern sensual approach. Attraction Game For Her features a sparkling fresh fruitiness on top, contrasted by a floral sophistication. They both leave a long-lasting trail of mystery and magnetism, providing undeniable attraction hour after hour.

Gina Ghura, Global Head of Fragrance, said : “Based on our research, we understand the important role fragrance plays in the game of attraction. With 69% of women revealing a bad fragrance choice can dull a romantic spark³, we knew we had to get this right. We’ve gone beyond a fragrance that smells amazing and created a scent using ingredients shown to turn you on. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and making the latest technology accessible to all. So, we are thrilled to be launching Attraction Game, a truly unique fragrance powered by neuroscience, to help you bring your A game this Valentine’s Day.”

Don’t leave your chances to Cupid’s arrow on February 14th - make your move with the most seductive and irresistable fragrance in our Attraction family. Will it be love at first scent?