Global News | Jul 22, 2020

Avon’s new fragrances intensify the chemistry between two people, even when apart

Attraction One Fragrances

Attraction One has arrived, giving couples, partners and friends a powerful new way to connect, even when apart

Avon, the perfume powerhouse, has introduced Attraction One – the first perfume line of its kind – allowing two people to wear scents that intensify the chemistry between them, even if they aren’t physically close.

The Attraction One line features a pair of individual perfumes, FRESH and INTENSE, that share an exclusive secret: a powerful accord that lies the heart of both scents.

Called Fusion, this exclusive accord, created by some of the world’s leading perfumers, was crafted for an enduring impression of excitement when people use the fragrances together. Fusion combines creamy tonka and mouthwatering lime, creating an intoxicating aura to the vibrant spirit of both perfumes. Each scent can be used by either men or women, and have their own personality, balancing brightness and sensuality.

“Avon sells more bottles of fragrance than any other brand in the world,” explains Tatiana Piccolo, Vice President Global Fragrances. “As a fragrance powerhouse, we’re inviting people to shift their beliefs around gender, sensuality and fragrances. Both perfumes are universal and accentuate what couples, partners and friends value the most: feeling close even when they are physically separated. Attraction One is about celebrating all forms of love and personal memory.”

With Attraction One, Avon is changing the perceptions around traditional seduction to offer a more personal connection with the wearer, promoting self-assurance and authenticity. Now, consumers can identify with fragrance regardless of gender and connect it to personal love stories and intimate feelings, creating a new behavior in buying perfume.

The two fragrances, called FRESH and INTENSE, complement each other and unite the wearers.

FRESH is citrus, aromatic and woody. It opens with vivid, bright Brazilian orange, delicate, floral violet, and mouth-watering, fresh fig. With luminous Sicilian lemon blossom, spicy saffron and the addictive, effervescent Fusion accord at its heart, plus a base of warm cedarwood and soft musk, it’s a harmonious and dreamy combination.

INTENSE is an oriental, woody creation with sensual amber, radiant cardamom, pink pepper and Bergamot NaturePrint®, for a clean yet spicy essence. At its heart, modern Transluzone is paired with orange blossom and the sparkling Fusion accord. Then sweet vanilla, smooth sandalwood and rich coffee santos add a delightfully warm, spicy texture.

Check out this new era for fragrance. To learn more or to buy the Attraction One fragrances, please find your local Avon website here.