Global News Aug 27, 2019

Avon expands powerhouse fragrance portfolio and celebrates multifaceted women with new Eve Duet Contrasts

The new Eve Duet Contrasts Fragrance

Fronted by Eva Mendes, this top-quality fragrance is the newest addition to the multi award-winning Eve fragrance collection. One of the perfume powerhouse’s best-selling brands, Avon is bolstering its Eve portfolio with compelling fragrance and celebrity equity as part of a broader strategy to grow the fragrance category and build market share.

This new fragrance, Eve Duet Contrasts, is designed for the multi-faceted woman. It’s about allowing her scent to reflect the moments where she’s calmly optimistic and building a future but also the moments where she feels daring, wants to live in the moment and let go. Like all other fragrances in the Eve line, this long-lasting dual-ended fragrance is fronted by Eva Mendes, Hollywood actress, businesswoman and mother. She said: “Sometimes, I live calmly, with serene optimism. Other times, I want to live in the moment. Every woman is multifaced, so am I.”

Created with world-renowned perfumers Gabriela Chelariu and Clement Gavarry, the fragrance is imbued with top quality ingredients to give a long-lasting, beautiful mix of pink pepper, gardenia and white patchouli spiced by with raspberry sorbet, jasmine and indigo patchouli on the ‘daring’ side.

Set to excite Avon’s millions-strong global network of women – beauty entrepreneurs and customers – this premium fragrance employs the high-tech dual-ended design meeting today’s consumer desire for personalisation and layering in fragrance. Avon’s Global Vice President Fragrance Tatiana Piccolo says: “ We’re really proud of the success of the Eve brand and we know brands like this, which not only offer great quality products but speak to key consumer trends are vital for opening up Avon and building the fragrance category. We’re the best kept secret in the fragrance world, and by continuing to excite and surprise consumers with our world-class perfumes we’ll continue to change perceptions and build on our position as a global fragrance powerhouse.”

For more information or to buy Eve Duet Contrasts please visit your local Avon website.