Global News | May 5, 2020

Avon Foundation for Women issues grants to frontline domestic abuse services

Avon Foundation for Women issues grants to frontline domestic abuse services

The Avon Foundation for Women has announced $1 Million in new grants to 50 frontline services and charity organisations across the world. The emergency grant programme was launched in tandem with Avon’s #IsolatedNotAlone campaign, responding to the surge in domestic violence cases in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.

The funding will provide crucial support for over 250,000 at-risk women and children who are affected by rapidly rising domestic abuse rates. The grants will be shared across 37 countries including Brazil, Mexico, India, Philippines, Germany and the UK.

The Avon Foundation’s $1 Million USD in funding will support women around the world, and is aligned with Avon’s campaign to help tackle the crisis of domestic violence surging as a result of abusers who are locked inside together with their partners during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some examples of how the funds will be put immediately to use include:


In the UK, domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid will receive $50,000 USD to fund their digital support services, including the Live Chat Helpline, Survivors Forum and the Survivors Handbook, in turn helping around 8,000 women.

In Mexico, one of the highest-ranking countries in terms of domestic abuse [i], funds from the Avon Foundation will help the National Shelter Network provide access to resources and immediate protection for around 3,000 women and children.

In India, the Family Planning Association, will receive $40,000 USD allowing them to provide essential services in rural communities across the country, including counselling for vulnerable women and children affecting by domestic abuse.

In addition to the Avon Foundation’s grant and in partnership with sister brands Aesop, The Body Shop and Natura, Avon is calling on governments around the world to keep domestic violence front of mind and expand funding and resources to cope with increasing violence. The companies are leveraging their combined global reach to 200 million consumers in 110 countries to ask people to support the campaign.


“Avon has been supporting women for 130 years and our support is needed now more than ever. With this new Avon Foundation-funding we can help make a valuable difference to the lives of at-risk women and children across the globe who urgently need protection from domestic abuse.
“Avon has been supporting NGOs tackling gender-based violence for 15 years and the need has never been so acute. We are proud to be able to contribute and support Avon’s #IsolatedNotAlone campaign to respond to the spike in violence triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.”

Natalie Deacon, President, Avon Foundation for Women

Globally, Avon’s 5 million Representatives will continue to provide vital assistance for women and children who are experiencing abuse; embedding helpline and support information into catalogues, signposting where to get help, and donating vital personal hygiene and beauty products to refuges.

More widely, Avon has repurposed production lines to manufacture personal care products needed most by health care and front-line workers, including moisturising hand gel. Hundreds of thousands of care packs with hand gel and other supplies have been donated to local hospitals and front-line services across the world.


[i] National Shelter Network (April 2020)