Global News | Oct 1, 2019

Avon kicks off a global Breast Break to help support early detection of breast cancer around the world

Avon launches global Breast Break

  • 2 million new cases of breast cancer were reported globally last year. [1]
  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), early detection in order to improve breast cancer outcome and survival remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. [2]
  • However women often spend little time on their own preventative health[3], and traditional gender norms expect women to care and prioritise the needs of family members often at the expense of their own health. [4]
  • Avon activating 5 million Reps globally during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to shine a light on the need for women to prioritise their breast health.

Avon marks its 27th year of support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by opening up even more opportunities for women all around the world to ‘Take a #BreastBreak.’ Women globally, compared to men, devote two-to ten times more time caring for children, elders, and their sick relatives. [5] However, women often spend little time on their own preventative health.

Health organisations and cancer NGOs across the world universally agree that early detection is vital in the effective treatment of breast cancer, the most common cancer diagnosed in women. Yet many women still don’t take potentially life-saving action such as self-exam or mammograms.

To help shine a light on the fact breast health needs to be a priority, with 2 million new cases of breast cancer recorded globally in 2018 [6], Avon is activating its 5 million sales reps, equipping them with information and advice to ensure they are encouraging women around the world to take a ‘Breast Break’. This includes opening dialogue about regular self checks, being aware of any changes in breast appearance, or making time to speak with a medical professional.

Amy Greene, Chair of the Avon Foundation, comments, “Avon has been a leader in supporting the breast cancer cause for 27 years enabling breakthrough research, equipment and educational materials. Last year we reached 50.1 million people across the globe through our work, however we know that for a huge number of people breast health still is not high on their priority lists.

“By engaging our global network of Representatives, we hope to encourage millions of women around the world to take a ‘Breast Break’. Whether it’s a self-check once or twice a month, an annual mammogram, or simply opening dialogue about breast health with friends and family – each of these are vital steps in preventing the late diagnosis of breast cancer.

“Across the globe Avon has also made a commitment to fully support its employees in taking any time required out of the office for their own breast health.”

[3] Avon survey reaching nearly 20,000 people in 15 countries, conducted in 2017

[5] The World Bank. World development report 2012—gender equality in development. Washington, DC: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and The World Bank, 2011.