Speak Out Against Violence Sep 30, 2022

Speak Out Against Violence

Last week, we joined thought leaders, artists, NGOs and businesses from across the globe in marking International Peace Day – a chance for all of us to reflect on what we as individuals can do to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.

This year, speaking out for peace feels particularly urgent topic, as we see the horrifying human impact of the war in Ukraine. But beyond war zones, violence is also taking place behind closed doors, away from headlines, every single day. One in three women experiences violence or abuse in her lifetime. Gender-based violence can happen anywhere, to anyone, which means we all know someone who has experienced abuse or is currently experiencing it in silence.

It can feel hopeless, but events such as Peace Day remind us that we can all make a difference. By speaking out against violence and showing that you support survivors, you can help those who need it most access vital services and resources. No-one should live in fear and there is help. At Avon we support front-line services across the world who can help.

Our most powerful weapon for peace is our voices – if we speak out for peace together, we can create a better world for women, which is a better world for all.

Angela Cretu