Global News | Sep 12, 2020

Five things you didn’t know about Avon’s new visual identity

Avon's new visual identity

Avon’s had a makeover.  We’ve been doing beauty differently for over 130 years.  We’re still doing that, but now we’re bolder and more modern.  Like it?  We do.  A lot of science goes into a brand refresh.  We spoke to the design team behind the new visual identity to share five things that you didn’t know about Avon’s new visual identity.

  1. It’s bolder but feminine too. It’s a heavier weight font, but the curves and soft edges still reflect Avon’s mission to champion women.
  1. It feels like it’s created by someone not a computer – it’s more human with less symmetry; it looks less computer-generated. Avon is a brand built on community after all.
  1. The A-frame cuts on the A, V and N create shapes that thread through everything to keep our brand consistent and recognisable across all of our touchpoints. Consistency helps create memory structures in the mind – memory structures keep brands front of mind which helps when consumers are evaluating brands for purchase.
  1. The colour gradient is built on the shapes in a woman’s face: namely the cheekbone, brow and jaw line. Cool, eh?  What we stand for really is built into every little detail. 
  1. The colour gradient represents transformation – it’s always evolving, just like Avon.

For more on our new visual identity, check out this video.