Avon ON Mar 16, 2021

Connecting the world with our Avon ON content sharing app

Avon ON

More than 125,893 people have donated their story to our My Story Matters gallery – a huge bank of inspiration for women everywhere. Our recently released research demonstrates that 68% of women find strength in hearing every day, relatable stories from other women and 72% find comfort in being able to share their experiences. Since the global pandemic is said to have put gender equality back decades and women feel pressured and isolated right now, it’s more important than ever that we can connect people and share stories of overcoming barriers and defying expectations.

Every story matters because it could be someone else’s inspiration – their: ‘just what I needed to hear today’ moment. This initiative is gathering momentum around the world and it’s partly thanks to Avon ON. Our app that allows our beauty advisors to fully utilise social content, share product links and digital brochures directly from their phone also allows them to donate their story directly to the My Story Matters gallery. Being part of this movement, to create a better world for women (which is a better world for all), is allowing our network of 5m beauty advisors to show the world what they can do – that they should never be underestimated or overlooked.

Avon ON recently launched in 11 new markets, taking its total to an impressive 50 markets globally. This is a huge achievement as we not only continue to enhance the way our beauty advisors engage with us but also our digital transformation to become the social selling beauty company where Reps can sell at the touch of a button. With Avon ON users can create media-rich social posts instantly; post easily accessible branded content to multiple social channels in one go; and share a personalised digital brochure for customers to shop in a quicker, simpler and fuss-free fashion.

In short, Avon ON makes it easier for our beauty advisors to engage customers and grow their business as well as support our purpose to create a better world for women.

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