Russia News | Nov 2, 2018

Avon Russia targets millennial beauty customers

Russia targets millennial beauty customers

Avon beauty entrepreneurs across Russia are using the latest technology, combined with the personal beauty service Avon is famous for, to introduce mark. make-up to the newest generation of beauty lovers.

Avon Russia have introduced a series of pop up Beauty Bars in eight cities across the country, and it’s proved to be a huge success, particularly with millennials. The Beauty Bars have the full line up of mark. make-up, and Avon Representatives are on hand to demonstrate the products to customers.

Women are spending an average of 20 minutes at the Beauty Bars, having their make-up applied by a professional make-up artist, or testing the products for themselves. Representatives say they are thrilled with the project, as it’s giving women the chance to experience the high quality, fashion-forward make-up for themselves, as well as receiving advice on the latest beauty trends from the Avon Representatives.

Once they have chosen their new beauty products, customers can order directly from the Representative, using the new instant messaging brochure - a fully digitised, mobile-enabled, shoppable brochure .

As well as giving potential new customers the chance to experience mark. make-up for themselves, the project is also proving to be a great recruitment tool for new beauty entrepreneurs. The new Beauty Bars, paired with the latest digital brochure, combined with Avon’s world-renowned personal touch, represent a fantastic new way to reach younger, tech-savvy customers in Russia.