Global News | Nov 29, 2019

Black Friday: seizing the opportunity with Supply Chain

Vikram Agarwal discusses Black Friday

Black Friday is possibly the biggest retail event of the year. We spoke to Vikram Agarwal, our Chief Supply Chain Officer, about the challenge this presents for Avon’s Supply Chain:

“Black Friday is now well-established as a high point at the end of the year all over the world, inspiring us to learn from and serve our consumers even better. It’s a challenge for the supply chain to prepare for it, but a challenge that we would sign on to any day.”

“Black Friday is months of work and preparation for Avon – and for our suppliers. We forecast demand using AI tools as we don’t want to run out on the Black Friday promise!”

Black Fridays are no longer just about bagging the best bargain. Consumers today are savvy, selective and connected. Vikram continued: “Today’s consumer is more digitally connected, more conscious on sustainability, and more aware of value than ever... Black Friday is our opportunity to prove that Avon can meet those expectations with competitive prices, great products and our belief in empowering millions of women around the world.”