UK News | Oct 25, 2018

Avon UK paints the country pink with events to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month

UK paints the country pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Avon has a global aim to reach 100 million people with the #PinkLightProject. The UK have already reached a staggering 10 million people alone, so they’ve doubled their target to 20 million. They are determined to share the signs of breast cancer and let people know where to go for help.

With coverage across a wide range of magazines, newspapers and online, Avon UK has put on a series of events to raise awareness with their charity partners CoppaFeel! One of the most dramatic ways Avon UK spread the word about the #PinkLightProject was lighting up the headquarters in pink. Along with the pink floodlights, the projection of the lightbulb and ribbon logo highlighted Avon’s message that no woman should be in the dark about breast cancer.

Aside from raising awareness of the disease, Avon UK is also raising money for CoppaFeel!, with donations from selected pink products in the brochure. There’s been strong support from high profile social media influencers and bloggers including @mrs_izzyjudd, @mamasstillgotit_ and @mrsgifletcher, who have helped spread the word by wearing Avon’s boob necklace and t-shirts.

Liverpool FC Women showed their solidarity by wearing Breast Cancer Awareness Month t-shirts, and spreading the word through their TV channel. Of course, Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders have also been playing a huge part in the campaign, and have been raising money through a series of Boob Brunches. So far, these fun events with boob-themed cakes have raised around £1,500 and that total is growing every day.

The feedback from Avon independent beauty entrepreneurs has been incredible. This Avon Representative bought a Pink Pack to pamper herself, little knowing it would soon mean so much more: “A week later I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself and it became an even more amazing pack. I pampered myself that night with a lovely bubble bath and knew that it was also going to such an amazing cause! I will be using the moisturiser during my radiotherapy too.”