Global News | May 28, 2020

Bringing hand sanitiser to families around the world

Avon Hand Sanitiser

Avon breaks product development speed records to bring new hand sanitiser to market.  To meet an urgent public health need, Avon mobilised its R&D, sourcing and supply chain networks to expedite a process that usually takes 2.5 months in under 4 weeks.

Scientists and engineers across four continents came together to respond to the brief and develop a new product tailored to ingredients and components that were available fast.  Despite having hand sanitisers in its system, Avon found traditionally used ingredients weren’t available so had to start from scratch.  Working 24-hours a day around the world, this reengineering of the formula allowed Avon to optimise a hand sanitiser that is not only effective against a variety of microorganisms but is also moisturising, thanks to the addition of glycerine.

The learning from this process is being applied immediately to developing required local variations of the product and Avon is now producing more than 13 million units to support its associates, Representatives and customers worldwide.