Colour and the roaring 20s effect Aug 17, 2021

We’re coming back colourful: The roaring 20s effect is here

Colour and the roaring 20s effect

By Michelle Chavez, Trends Expert at the Global Innovation Centre

Think the pandemic means we’ve all streamlined our make-up bag in favour of a pared back natural look? Think again! While many of us ditched the glam when the pandemic hit in favour of a more natural look, we’ve seen thing start to change. We may now have a stronger preference for multi-tasking products that help us keep our regime short and sharp but towards the end of 2020, the industry saw make-up and fragrance sales pick back up again as people started to invest in themselves and get Zoom call-ready.

Another few months down the line and bold is back. Why? The roaring 20s effect. After periods of societal difficultly, we come back with a vengeance. We want to show the world that after a dark period we bounce back and we do it with joy. We embrace colour, fun and frivolity because it reminds us of what we’ve overcome. There are already tell-tale signs that when lockdowns end, people go full swing back into party mode: in Russia, for example, where sales of glitter, feathers and party dresses increased at the end of lockdown.

So we might not be going to festivals, or sunning it up overseas but there are easy ways we can enjoy make-up again and embrace the lightness and colour that signal a return towards normal life. As always, with us you can trust that you’re getting top quality at an accessible price so check out our top three picks for life in full colour this season without breaking the bank:

Live for a bold lip

Before we get into it, we should say that we know the idea of a full, bold, lip sounds a bit scary after months of going au naturel. You’ll be pleased to hear that our clever scientists have found the perfect formula for vibrant, beautiful colour pay off and comfort so you don’t need to worry about feeling cakey or dealing with dry lips. We sell three lipsticks every second so we know what we’re talking about.

Our new Avon Ultra Lipstick is available in 60 gorgeous shades. Whether you go crazy for a creamy finish or mad for a matte finish, you can rest assured that we optimized the blends of our cross polymer matrix and oils to make sure the product perfectly balanced the benefits our customers want from their lipstick: colour, finish, comfort and ease of application.

Nail it with a vibrant nail polish

Just like lipstick, we sell lots of nail enamel too: 2 every second in fact. Even though our customers love it, we’re always challenging ourselves to make it even better. Our nail enamel collection features some beautifully vibrant shades like High Speed Pink, Blue Me Away and Glitz and Glazed and nail colour is a great option if you’re hesitant to remove the mask: it’s a splash of colour that’ll last for days.

Leverage those lashes

Even with a face covering, our eyes can still make a statement. Any statement eye look starts with bold, beautiful lashes. Whether you’re going for statement eye colour, a dramatic eye flick or just some subtle shimmer, lashes can make all the difference to how it all comes together.

Our Unlimited Instant Lift Mascara is clocking up 5* reviews from our customers, reflecting the fact that the Lift & Lock Triple Set formula really works to lift even the straightest, most stubborn lashes for maximum lift. It resists heat and humidity too with no smudging, flaking or clumping so it’s perfect for the summer months.