Global News | Nov 21, 2019

The five coolest things about the Avon Innovation Centre

Coolest things about our Innovation Centre

It’s 100 years since Avon sold its first lipstick.  It’s now 2019 we’re selling three lipsticks every second all over the world.  To celebrate still being a beauty powerhouse after more than a century, we take a look at the five coolest things about the Avon Innovation Centre – also known as the lab or Research and Development but most importantly, it’s where the magic happens!

In no particular order …

  1. It’s where science meets emotion

For Avon the key to breakthrough on-trend innovation is connecting an emotional insight from the consumer with great technology.  It’s all about understanding how a person feels and then applying cutting edge science to give the benefits they’re looking for from their beauty products.

  1. There’s a super high-tech 3D printing lab

Good for the environment: check.  Fast and efficient: check.  Designing gorgeous packaging (let’s face it, everyone loves a product that looks great on the shelf) that works, requires lots of prototypes and testing.  Being able to ‘print’ off packages in real time with no shipping or lag time means beauty moves fast and with less waste.

  1. Our world-class lab in Suffern New York has operated continuously on the same site since 1897

There’s of course a new state of the art 225,000 square foot facility in place now but the land it sits on has been part of Avon’s innovation heritage for over a century.  Along with a network of satellite innovation centres around the world it’s still here that we create top quality beauty products that are accessible to all.  

  1. It’s home to hundreds of world-class scientists and experts

From molecular biologists to engineers, chemists to toxicologists, there is a world-class team at the Avon Innovation Centre.  We don’t just say they’re world-class, they’ve been granted more than 750 patents in the last 20 years alone and they’re responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in mass market skincare including stabilising vitamin C and introducing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs.) 

  1. You can take a bath and get your photo taken

Not literally! but as part of the product development and rigorous testing process our ‘noses’ check scents in bubble baths in real life situations, the hair experts test hair strength and our leading skin diagnostic technology tracks the efficacy of our renowned anti-ageing products.