Interview | May 14, 2019

Eva Mendes talks fragrance, feelings and being true to yourself

Eva Mendes talks fragrance, feelings and being true to yourself

Early this year, Avon expanded its multi award-winning Eve fragrance collection, building on the success of one of the top brands in the Avon portfolio, with the launch of Eve Truth .

Here, Hollywood star Eva Mendes - ambassador of the Eve brand – shares her thoughts about fragrance and what the concept of Eve Truth means to her.

The concept of the Eve Truth fragrance is about being true to yourself, comfortable with who you are. As a woman who is true to herself…how did you get to that place?

I have to constantly remind myself to be true to who I am and this is a continual journey rather than a destination. I often look to nature to find truth, to reconnect with truth in nature makes me grateful for the beauty in things all around and this helps to feel replenished and appreciate all that is good.

“I’m honoured to be the face of Eve Truth, which reflects women’s many layers and provides a full fragrance experience to embody the modern woman. Sharing my truth with other women and asking them to share their truth with me is how I stay connected with the amazing women in my life.”

Eva Mendes

What is the importance of fragrance in your life?

Fragrances have the power to reflect how you’re feeling and not to dictate it. It is a form of expression. I wear perfume to express and to enhance my mood. I think it’s a way to show confidence, elegance, sensuality and strength.

How do you hope women feel when wearing Eve Truth?

I want them to feel totally comfortable with the own unique self, whether this is powerful, confident, independent, or self-assured. I would love them to embrace who they are and celebrate each moment of their own unique lives. And always, have fun!