Eve Privé, Reveal your true essence Apr 5, 2022

Reveal your true essence with our first fragrance as unique as you

Introducing Eve Privé, from the world’s bestselling fragrance brand*

You’re one-of-a-kind, so why shouldn’t your fragrance be unique too?

We’ve been doing beauty differently for 135 years, and are now excited to announce our first ever bespoke fragrance: NEW Avon Eve Privé.

You may have noticed a slight difference in how fragrances smell on your skin. Eve Privé takes the effects of the chemistry of your skin one step further, creating a completely unique scent – just for you.

As part of the customisable musk technology in Eve Privé, a delicate white musky molecule is used to support the ‘skin-feel’ accord that was exclusively designed to mix with the chemistry of your skin to enhance your natural scent and make you smell like you, only better.

Moreover, due to this molecular technology, your personal fragrance lingers for hours on end to create the feeling of a second skin.

This comforting, customisable musk forms the heart of this woody floral scent, which opens with the crisp hit of red apples and delicate but impactful jasmine petals.

Intrigued? To find out more, buy or sell ANEW Hydra Pro Vita-D, check out Avon in your region .

*As measured by volume or units sold in 2020