New Exxtravert Mascara Jul 20, 2023

Dare to wear your most extreme lash look ever? New Exxtravert Mascara

Do you want your mascara to give you EXTREME volume? If so, look no further.

Introducing the NEW Exxtravert Mascarawhich promises your fullest and most extreme lash look ever, with up to double the amount of volume with every coat*.

Using exclusive Gel Fibre Technology, Exxtravert’s uniqueformulacoats lashes from root to tip with the boldest pigment and silk-like fibres. The result is clump free instant volume with extreme buildability and extreme lash impact. With up to 300% more visible lash** volume and up to 16 hours of wear***, Exxtravert is the perfect mascara to take your look from day to night. Apply 1 coat for instant impact, 3 coats for extra volume and 7 coats if you dare to wear EXTREME volume.

NEW Exxtravert Mascara features a new and exclusive channeled brush – wedesigned it to evenly coat each lash with the perfect amount of product. Whether you dare to wear your most extreme lash ever or you want instant impact, Exxtravert gives you the power to decide - with clump free buildability with every coat.

Following a consumer trial which saw 8 out of 10 women rate Exxtravert at 4/5 stars or more – on par with its luxury competitor**** – participants were shocked and delighted, with many saying it gives their lashes the most extreme look ever*****.

Hearing from one of the scientists behind the new mascara , Candice Deleo-Novack, Head of Colour Product Innovation, R&D said: “We’re so excited to finally launch Exxtravert mascara which is the perfect product for those who dare to be bold! Incorporating the latest in make-up science and innovation, Exxtravert is formulated with an exclusive gel fibre technology and a unique channeled brush that allows for EXTREME buildability and a clump free application. You can be in total control of the eye look you want to achieve, with a premium mascara at an accessible price. 

Those who dare to be EXTRA can purchase Exxtravert Mascara from a Representative or online at Avon in their country here .

* Through 7 coats, based on Clinical Efficacy Study with 16 participants. ** After 2 applications, based on Clinical Efficacy Study. *** Based on consumer study with 119 participants. **** Based on a 2022 study of 105 women trialling Exxtravert in a 3-day trial alongside its luxury competition, Lancôme Monsieur Big. ***** Quotes from participants of the 2022 trial.