Far Away Jul 7, 2021

Introducing the world’s first fragrance to use upcycled vanilla

Far Away

Think you know vanilla? Think again! Far Away Beyond – our first ever parfum - reimagines vanilla for today’s modern woman by elevating the traditional floral sweet vanilla scent to a superior, more sophisticated and distinctive vanilla note: more intricate, more mysterious and more glamorous.

Available for the first time in Far Away Beyond, our expert perfumers have created Upcycled Vanilla Extract using 100% upcycled vanilla beans which would otherwise be discarded.

The innovative double distillation process reveals new vanilla notes – sensual, smoky and woody with an addictive salty-sweetness. This hidden treasure is enriched deeper with opulent sandalwood, juicy pear and the intensity and beauty of jasmine florals for a bold and glamorous finish.

Far Away Beyond journeys deeper into the heart and soul of the vanilla note to allow the wearer to experience the signature scent of the Far Away collection on a deeper level. Developed using a higher concentration of fragrance oil, Far Away Beyond is the first ever parfum and the most intense, elevated and long-lasting fragrance in the Far Away family.

With Far Away Beyond, you can escape to the most glamorous version of yourself in the knowledge that you are supporting the communities where the vanilla has come from. As part of our commitment to paving the way to a more sustainable future, this exclusive ingredient is the result of upcycling exhausted vanilla beans that were sustainably and ethically sourced from Madagascar in collaboration with local communities that are directly benefitting from sustainable partnerships.

Gina Ghura, Global Head of Fragrance, says: ‘We’re delighted at Avon to bring this first-of-its-kind fragrance to market, all at an accessible price point for today’s modern woman. We sell more fragrance than any other brand so we’re proud that we can drive the sustainability agenda and fragrance artistry with products like Far Away Beyond. We’ve pushed and stretched Vanilla further than ever before to create a unique and distinctive Vanilla note with the power to transport the wearer to a place where they can feel their most glamorous. Far Away Beyond also marks the start of our fragrance sustainability journey since partnering with Natura &Co last year and we look forward to continuing to innovate.’

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