Global News | Sep 4, 2019

Far Away, Avon’s best-selling fragrance brand turns 25 this year and it’s still growing

Avon introduces Far Away Glamour

As the Far Away brand turns 25, Avon introduces Far Away Glamour, the newest perfume in the best-selling collection. The renowned Far Away brand is Avon’s number one female fragrance brand globally; 27 bottles are sold every minute* and expanding this popular range will help open up Avon’s brand by building market share and unlocking growth.

“Avon is already a global fragrance powerhouse,” says Tatiana Piccolo, Global Vice President Fragrance at Avon. “It is a testament to the quality of Avon’s fragrances that we have remained at the top for so long, in an industry that launches 1,000 new fragrances a year, not to mention proudly owning a brand like Far Away that is still in growth 25 years after launch.”

This sophisticated new fragrance, created by top perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan and Veronia Casanova, offers notes of powerful blackcurrant bud, orange flower and Madagascan vanilla – the highest quality vanilla and signature ingredient of the Far Away brand. It encourages wearers to take a walk on the glam side.

Avon has leveraged its world-class innovation capabilities to create this long-lasting, on-trend fragrance that is set to excite the brand’s millions-strong global network of beauty entrepreneurs with the potential to open up their earning opportunity.

The fragrance category is critical for driving Avon’s brand rejuvenation and Tatiana adds that there is huge potential to elevate Avon’s position as a global fragrance powerhouse. “It’s a new era for fragrance,” she explains. “Brand and image drive quality perception and our attention to quality has meant we have many successful brands, including Far Away, and huge loyalty globally. We have stood the test of time and now we are driving for growth and ensuring that our future is sustainable.”