In need of a mood boost? Jan 16, 2023

In need of a mood boost? Fragrance has you covered

By Rebecca Pollard, Global Director Female Fragrances

January blues? It’s completely normal to feel a little down at this time of year. After the excitement and bustle of the festive season, January, with its cold weather, dark mornings and (potentially) failed New Year’s resolutions, can feel a bit blue. What can help? A mood booster!

For some people it might be a relaxing bubble bath, a catch-up with friends or experimenting with a daring new make-up look that can give them an energy lift, but don’t forget the power of our much-loved daily fragrance spritz.

A quick spritz of our favourite scent just before we head out each morning has always left us feeling ready to face the day. But fragrance may not be at the forefront of our minds. It seems we’re forgetting about the important mood-enhancing effects that fragrance can have. During a time when our mood is arguably universally low, we should probably be spritzing more than ever. We might be having cupcakes delivered, or treating ourselves to a weekly takeaway, but are enough of us using fragrance to help us to feel good?

Fragrance has more power to enhance your emotions than you realise. In fact, in its Trend Forecasting 2022, WGSN confirmed that 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.

Not only can a fragrance for your body or home transform your mood, but it can make life feel a little more luxurious too, not to mention evoking nostalgic memories. According to Mintel, mood-targeted beauty has blossomed in recent years, aligning toward wellness, happiness, mental health and much more.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to prioritise self-care, health and wellbeing and treat ourselves to mood-enhancing fragrance pick-me-ups to lift our spirits. Far Away, our best-selling fragrance brand, can bring a touch of glamour to everyday, there’s Eve Truth with its juicy pomegranate and tender peony for when you need to amplify your authenticity and Today Tomorrow Always The Moment when you need a touch of romance.

The American poet Diane Ackerman once said: “Nothing is more memorable than a smell.” So what better way to evoke thoughts of happier days gone by than with a fragrance? Illuminate memories of summer past with Incandesscence, or remember an exotic trip with best-selling Far Away Glamour. Tapping into joyful memories can be a wonderful way to lift the spirits.

Whatever your approach, fragrance can be a great way to stay happy and connected, and retain a sense of self whatever time of year. Even if you’re not seeing anyone, remember that you don’t wear fragrance for others – you wear it for yourself, so that you feel confident and fabulous every day. So keep on spritzing – it’s good for your soul.