Global News | Nov 22, 2019

Frozen 2 collection is here!

Frozen 2 product launch

Introducing Avon’s new Frozen 2 gift collection.  Launched to coincide with the release of Disney’s Frozen 2 in November, this exciting on-trend collection will offer an opportunity to open up the brand by building orders among existing customers and attracting a whole new group of customers looking for high quality Frozen 2-branded merchandise.

Avon’s original and much-loved Frozen collection has received an overhaul in celebration of the popular movie’s highly anticipated sequel.  Frozen was the number one animated film of all time and the powerful franchise has connected consumers of all ages, demonstrated by the popularity of the original collection. 

Perfect for gifting or daily use, the new collection will include high-quality children’s personal care items ranging from shampoo, hair gel and lip balm, to detangling spray, body spritz, shower gel and a gift set.

Anna Chokina, Vice President Global Face, Body and Toiletries, said: “This is an excellent chance to open up the Avon brand with a fun, on-trend collection that’s easy to buy into.  We know children love products featuring their favourite characters and we know the high quality of this collection will delight their families too.  There’s so much excitement for the new film that this new range is a great conversation starter for our beauty entrepreneurs.”

To learn more or buy, find your local Avon website here.