Gifting season Oct 23, 2023

Everyone gifts with love, it’s time to gift with power: unwrap the hottest gifting trends with us for this holiday season.

With holiday season just around the corner, Avon is encouraging its community to not just gift with love, but gift with power.

In line with the brand’s new Embrace Your Power positioning that celebrates female progress and championing the unique power within every woman, ‘gift with power’ is the overarching theme of holiday season at Avon. But what does it mean?

We sat down with Director of Gifting, Rachel Costello, over a hot cup of cocoa to help us unwrap it…

What does gifting with power mean to you?

Gifting with power is all about celebrating our loved ones with gifts that reflect their uniqueness and feel really personal. If you think about a friend or family member, it’s easy to put your finger on what we love about them, but often they just can’t see in themselves how special they are. Gifting with power is all about celebrating our loved ones’ superpowers through thoughtful, personal gifts and to help give them the courage to embrace what makes them so special.

Talk us through some of the hottest gifting trends this season.

Without a doubt, wellness and self-care gifts will continue to rise this festive season and we expect this to continue through 2024. During the pandemic, the world was preoccupied with physical health and, now that the world is running at 100mph again, we’re all more conscious than ever of the need to slow down and make space to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally.

Gift giving has become a pivotal moment for us to give others the permission and the products to prioritise ourselves and our wellbeing. Gifts like bath salts, candles and luxurious skincare can encourage our loved ones to prioritise taking time for themselves and investing in their own self-care an wellbeing.

What makes Avon such a unique and special destination for gifting?

It’s no secret that the holiday season can be really expensive. With the economic climate that we find ourselves in, we are extremely proud to enable Avon’s customers to gift their loved ones something meaningful, beautiful and luxurious without breaking the bank.

All of our gifts are beautifully packaged and the products inside are created using the same great quality ingredients and technologies that our customers are used to. Take our Far Away Beyond The Moon Fragrance Gift Set, complete with a 50ml bottle of the Parfum and a hand cream in the matching scent. In a recent blind test, 7 out of 10 customers revealed that they would switch from a £116 fragrance from a luxury, high-fashion brand to our £16 scent!*

Likewise, our exclusive Power Couple Serum Gift Set, containing Avon’s dream skincare duo – Power Serum and Power Eye Cream - is powered by Avon’s exclusive award-winning Protinol™ technology, proven to help deliver seven powerful skin benefits in just 7 days**

Talk us through some of your favourite Avon gift sets that are available this year.

My favourite Avon gifts are the ones in the wellness space. I love being intentional with my space at home and our Time for Sleep and Time for Energy gift boxes are the perfect kits for that. Each one contains a curated assortment of products to help optimize your space. The Time for Sleep set is for my bedroom and Time for Energy in my office. Not only do they look and smell great, they’re an absolute joy to unbox too!

I’m a sucker for an advent calendar, and this year Avon has launched five! There’s something for everyone: make-up, self-care, fragrance, jewellery and home fragrance. Together they make a little village, with each one decorated like a house. Inside each window are clues to what might be inside. In the make-up advent calendar, we see a woman preparing for a night out. In the self-care advent calendar, we’ve got somebody chilling in the bath. The attention to detail is top tier.

Holiday season isn’t complete in my house without a festive candle, and the Avon Festive Spice home fragrance range is second to none in my book. Burning the candle feels like a warm, cosy hug, punctuated with vibrant orange and a pinch of cinnamon. Scent memory is so powerful and transformative, and as soon as I smell that it reminds me of quality time with friends and family around the Christmas tree with Michael Bublé playing in the background!

For those who are new to Avon, we’ve also compiled the most stunning set of our best-selling cult and hero products inside one luxe powder-pink cosmetics bag – ideal for all skin types, tones and ages. A fabulous introduction to our brand, the set includes eight iconic Avon products: two of our best-selling serums, three of our most popular make-up products, and three of our most-loved fragrances. They’ll be Avon customers in no time at all!

Perhaps the most powerful Avon gift of all is that we continue to celebrate and champion women – not just during festive season, but all year round. Every time you shop with Avon, we invest in millions of women and girls across the world, helping them to learn, earn and embrace their power. How many gifts can do that?

To shop Avon this gifting season, get in touch with your local Representative or online at Avon in your country here .

* Based on a consumer blind sniff test with 120 participants in 2022, UK and PL.

** Based on those that expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study.