Herstory Love Inspires | Mar 10, 2021

Celebrate women’s stories with new perfume Her Story Love Inspires

Herstory Love Inspires

The scent of inspiration for all women brings the sensuality of jasmine and the strength of the iris flower, warmly wrapped with the reassurance of an indulgent praline base

Her Story Love Inspires is the newest perfume from the Her Story line - our fragrance brand that celebrates the sharing of women’s stories from around the globe, creating a chain of inspiration.

The unique chypre floral woody feminine scent brings the sensuality of jasmine and the strength of the Iris flower, warmly wrapped with the reassurance of an indulgent praline base to celebrate inspiring women through the theme “My Scent, My Story Of Self-Love, To Inspire Others”, with a campaign that brings three stories of real women:

Siaba Tumoe, who started Boo.B Ltd., creating lactogenic smoothies to help new mothers struggling to generate breast milk; Matilda Velevitch, who went from the travel and hospitality industry to create a critically acclaimed play “Three Mothers”, and Sasha Pallari, a professional make-up artist and model who created the hugely influential hashtag campaign, #FilterDrop and went from transforming people, through make-up, to empowering them.

The notes of the perfume translate this feminine strength through the combination of fresh and powerful ingredients: the fragrance begins with bright Mandarin and Velvet Apricot that blends with the one-of-a-kind Jasminlactone, a note that creates a soft

and creamy texture right from the start. At the heart, sits beautiful Iris, a foundational element to the fragrance, while a lush Gardenia Brazil NaturePrint ® brings out the smooth white floralcy that is glistened by a touch of the zesty Orange Brandy Smell The Taste™. As the scent dries down, it shows the distinct woody backdrop captured from Vetiver SFE and the ambery Clearwood Prisma that is balanced by a hint of sweet Praline.

This special blend, created by the Brazilian perfumer Adilson Rato and the Lebanese master perfumer Honorine Blanc, captures the strength and independence of a woman making herself a priority and leaving an unwavering impression of freedom and self-love wherever and whenever worn. The result is a perfect gift to celebrate all women and remind them to put themselves first.

“We were inspired by the brave spirit of a woman who is sure of herself and lives life fearlessly, and we wanted to bring a modern and addictive olfactive signature to this creation, so we worked on different textures from woody combinations to strong floral tonalities that together creates a daring signature,” says the duo.

To find out more about Her Story Love Inspires please visit Avon in your location. #WatchMeNow